The new year is here, and with it comes a fresh, new wave of coffee industry news here on Sprudge. In case you were too busy getting back into the swing of things at home and at work, here’s all the coffee news you missed over the last ten days—neatly packed into one spot. It’s like the most delicious cappuccino, only it’s made of words instead of coffee and milk.

From this creepy feature on baby head mugs.
From this creepy feature on baby head mugs.

The Sprudgies! Check out our official “5th Annual Sprudgie Award” web page, with winners from around the globe.

There are at least 14 coffee resolutions you’ve already broken in this, the two-thousand-and-fourteenth year. That’s okay, because we’ve rounded them all up in one convenient place so it’s easier for you to keep track.

Washington D.C. is throwing its hat into the ring of disloyal coffee cities with the release of its own Disloyalty Card.This seditious card—organized by Peregrine Espresso’s Dawn Shanks and designed by Peregrine’s Christy Pelton—was modeled after the famous East London Disloyalty Card created by World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies. Your favorite weekly recapper is proud to report that the cards have been well received and snatched up quickly from my daily place of employment, Peregrine Espresso!

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Illustration by Thomas Putman. More here!
Illustration by Thomas Putman. More here!

Joanna Han took some time to chat with Mr. Tim Wendleboe in a lively, hilarious interview, accompanied by the magnificent illustration work of Thomas Putman.

Julie Wolfson took a peak inside the brand new Ace Hotel Los Angeles, in a feature with photos by Amparo Rios.

The 2013 Good Food Awards are in full swing, leading up to the GFA gala event this coming Friday. Kristen Orser-Crouse recently attended the 2014 GFA coffee judging panel, and authored us a behind-the-scenes look at this years coffee judging process. You can review a complete list of 2014 GFA Finalist coffees here.

First-time Sprudge contributor Emily Mcintyre penned a feature that highlights 5 cities whose coffee scenes are most likely underrated. Columbus, Oklahoma City, Houston, San Diego, and Sacramento all make this list.

Tonx Coffee dropped a bombshell this week by introducing a brand new  program offering customers the exchange of Starbucks® gift cards for dollar-for-dollar credit on a Tonx subscription.

D. Robert Wolchek took us to a vibrant Bushwick Cuban cafe.
D. Robert Wolchek took us to a vibrant Bushwick Cuban cafe.

Liz Clayton chatted with members of the band Yo La Tengo to find out a little more about what the band does in its free time on tour. Here’s a hint: it has to do with visiting great cafés.

Another first-time Sprudge contributor, Anna Brones, has the scoop on Craft Cafe—a Parisian cafe dedicated to coffee and providing a place for innovators to get work done. Ms. Brones is a published author and Huffpost Food contributor – look for much more of her content on Sprudge in the coming weeks and months!

Speaking of free wifi in coffee shops, Alex Bernson spent some time at San Francisco’s Coffee Bar SF exploring a new premium wifi program they’ve put in place to work with those who want to do work in their cafe without feeling too bad. The idea is simple: pay for what you use.

Jerry & Patton at Handsome!

Yet-another brand new Sprudge contributor – Jenny Neill – took us to Sintercafe in Costa Rica, for a look at this event’s beguiling blend of art and big business.

Last but not least, we’ve issued our second annual Sprudge.com Readership Survey! So far we’ve learned that people hate cats, love poop, and both hate and love content from outside North America. Won’t you fill out or query?

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