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Perez Hilton reports that Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted at Tom’s Restaurant (2880 Broadway) in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The business was used as the exterior shots for Monk’s on the television series Seinfeld, the gang’s neighborhood coffee shop. PH reports that a camera crew was also sighted. Some speculate that the three were filming for Seinfeld’s Comedian’s In Cars Getting Coffee, which we are on the record as being big fans of. Perez Hilton reports that an insider claims it was a shoot for a Super Bowl commercial.


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Gothamist has exclusive (and very boring) video of Larry David leaving the coffee shop:

One thing is certain: The coffee served at Tom’s Restaurant is Coffee Associates, as verified over the phone. The company, in business since 1906, specializes in wholesale coffee with items like Royal Blend for $6.99 a pound (a steal) and Hazelnut Cinnamon for the adventurous. No word on what Jerry, Jason, or Larry were drinking.


Top image via Perez Hilton.

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