Is This The Smallest Cafe In North America?

Is This The Smallest Cafe In North America?

La Distributrice is an eentsy-weentsy lilliputian little cafe in Montreal, and they’ve got design blogs buzzing for ier smart branding and smaller-than-average package. We can’t stop drooling! According to social media outlets, the space had previously been a number of businesses, but La Distributrice is going strong and approaching its one year anniversary.

Their tasteful design pairs well with their taste in coffee – they serve Dark Horse Blend espresso from Detour Coffee. But seriously, their design aesthetic is caps lock STUNNING. Just oogle this handsome cup holder:

Look at this cup holder! Look at it!

We’ve compiled more photos to gawk at via Facebook:



But part of the hook at La Distributrice is that they claim to be “the smallest cafe in North America.” Well, is it? Do you know of something smaller? Sound off in the comments below!



  1. Jessica McCarrel

    10 February

    Kaffeeklatsch runs a mirco cafe out of a 25 sf. storage closet in Calgary, Alberta Canada! I’m curious if its smaller than La Distributrice.

  2. Zack

    8 January

    With only two people – one on register, one on bar – they must work *really* hard to handle any kind of volume higher than a slow trickle.

  3. Jane

    20 December

    I second Brett. Parlor Coffee in the back of the Persons of Interest barbershop in Williamsburg, NY. Tiny espresso bar and the coffee he roasts himself is some of the best I’ve had.

  4. brett

    10 December

    Parlor Coffee (Brooklyn, at Persons of Interest)

  5. Chad

    8 December

    There was a similar setup across from Voodoo Doughnut on 3rd. I think it’s smaller (petite-er?) than La Distributrice…

  6. Abe

    7 December

    Those cup holders have been around for a while. I remember seeing them on a holiday coffee gift list a year or two ago. Also I wouldn’t call this a cafe, it is more like a take out cart behind walls – wouldn’t being called a cafe necessitate having seats for customers inside the building / space?

  7. James Lee Leu

    7 December


  8. Zach Neuman

    7 December

    I totally want those cup holders for my cafe! Damn, those are freaking cool.

  9. Josh Lindstrom

    7 December

    I think there is a difference between a cafe and a walk-up. This may be the smalles walk-up, not sure if I would call it a cafe.

    You are right thought, it is STUNNING.

  10. Bianca

    7 December

    Cafe French Toast also posted on this local coffe shop in Montreal. The superb design is by graphc designer Gabriel Lefebvre. Good thing to spread local talent! Thanks!

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