Coffee AM has been in the coffee business for over twenty years. They’ve got a lot of interesting options on their website – including some nice-sounding Guatemala Antigua and Tanzania Peaberry – but there’s one particular Coffee AM flavor that really has us buzzing.


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That’s right, folks. Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee. Because why not?

Spicy Taco flavored coffee is a unique and surprisingly pleasant mix of taco spices and a hearty meaty flavor. It might not be one of your traditional flavored coffees, but once you get a taste you’ll wonder why other roasters haven’t tried this exceptionally delightful brew! Whether you’re a die-hard Mexican food lover, or you’re just craving that spicy taco taste, Spicy Taco flavored coffee is a great alternative to all of that fast food.

“Jeff” from Portland, Oregon loves it:

When i first open bag i get its exactly like opening a taco seasoning packet and smelling it. My house smells like as if i cooked up some taco seasoning with ground beef in a pan. The spice in the taste has a kick to it, like chipotle in your coffee. The base coffee is as smooth if not smoother than Kona. Very flavorful for drinking it as black coffee, the flavor is stronger than a hint.

We think this coffee sounds like a lot of fun, and if you can’t have fun with coffee, why bother?

Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee, $10.95

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