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Over the weekend, the eyes of the coffee world turned to Taipei for the Taiwan International Coffee Show, which played host to the Taipei World Coffee Championships. Across three stages, 76 coffee professionals representing more than 30 countries battled it out in hopes of taking home the title of World Coffee Champion in their respective discipline, and after three days of action, we now know who topped the lists.

Following the crowning of four new champions at the World of Coffee event in Athens earlier in June, there were still three title left unresolved: World Coffee in Good SpiritsWorld Latte Art Championship, and World Roasting Championship. But with the conclusion of the Taipei World Coffee Championships, the 2023 World Coffee Championships has officially come to a close.

Winning at this level is a career-crowning achievement for coffee professionals, and something many dream of. It takes no small level of dedication to even reach this stage, never mind best those equal in singular focus. So without further ado, let’s find out who the winners are from the World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Latte Art Championship, and World Roasting Championship.

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World Coffee in Good Spirits

Champion: Rastislav “Rasty” Kasar, United Kingdom

Runner-Up: Tanpong, Thailand

3. Danny Andrade, Australia
4. Christos Klouvatos, Greece
5. Sion Wu, Taiwan
6. Marco Poidomani, Italy

2023 latte art

World Latte Art Championship

Champion: LiangFan, China

Runner-Up: Lu Daoqiang, China

3. Bala – Shao Sing Lin, Taiwan
4. Ryan Liew, Malaysia
5. Pachara Tubtimchai, Thailand
6. Jervis Tan, Singapore

2023 roasters

World Roasting Championship

Champion: Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia

Runner-Up: Talha Erdinc Bas, Turkey

3. Andrew Coe, United States
4. Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Japan

Congratulations to all the winners!

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