2022 was truly a year of enormous development for the Hemro Group. Overall, we realized unseen
growth for all brands and business units in a still challenging market situation. Now, the Hemro
Group Headquarters is moving into a new multi-functional space, which will be home for around 50
headquarter colleagues and our new and extended Hemro Innovation & Technology facility – an
open and shared space born for learning and exploration.

Our Group Innovation and Technology will benefit from 250 square meters of creative laboratory spaces that cover R&D activities, such as product and technology development, sensory and product performance testing, and user experience interaction. This space will strengthen our ability to continuously build coffee knowledge and bring sustainable product innovation to the market.

hemro hq2

The lab comprises three key areas that match our product development workflow and is equipped
with state-of-the-art machinery that will put our next-generation products through stringent testing
and quality conditions. One area covers grinder prototype manufacturing, parts quality control,
and assembly. The second area covers quantitative performance testing (such as noise, particle size, output, and more). The third and final area covers qualitative testing (such as sensory and cupping evaluations and UX & UI testing).

THE NEW ADDRESS IS: Hemro International AG, Thurgauerstrasse 80, CH-8050 Zurich

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