When The Ace Hotel and Palm Springs Wine Fest join forces to present a “wine-soaked bacchanalia,” the natural wine world collectively perks up. 

In their second annual Golden Grapes festival, the groups aim to showcase California’s most exciting wineries in an event that’s (fingers crossed) pure indulgence. The unlimited tastings and chit chat with the winemakers is an intimate affair—and arguably the most entertaining way to discover new wines.

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The Ace Hotel and Swim Club and Palm Springs Wine Fest present The Golden Grapes Wine Festival at 1pm (or noon for you VIP-ers) and continues through 4pm at The Commune, 701 E Palm Canyon Drive. Tickets are $85-$99. 

The event will feature over 50 winemakers, including:

Massican, Broc Cellars, Methode Sauvage, Red Car Wine Co, Ruth Lewandowski, Hoxie Spritzer, Whitcraft Winery, Scribe Winery, Scholium Project, Ryme Cellars, Habit Wine, Lo-Fi, Field Recordings, Jbrix, Idlewild Wines, Waits-Mast, Inconnu, Vinca Minor, Woods Wine & Beer Co, Scar of the Sea, Major Wines, Rootdown, Maitre de Chai, Monte Rio, Matthiasson, Jolie Laide, Nomadica, Penville Wine, Potek, Jamie Motley Wines, Extea Wines, Minus Tide Wines, Forlorn Hope, Roark Wine Company, A Tribute to Grace, Trail Marker Wine Co, Ashes and Diamonds, Les Lunes, Stirm Wine Co, Halcyon, Donkey and Goat, Las Jaras, and Lady of Su.

Pianist and producer, Kiefer is also on the bill, performing (along with older works) his 2019 jazz-meets-R&B album, Superbloom.

Laura Jaye Cramer is a freelance writer based in California and has written for SF WeeklyGOOD, and PAPER MagazineRead more Laura Jaye Cramer for Sprudge.