Who doesn’t love a good coffee box set? Sure, choosing your own coffee gives you a better chance of drinking only brews you know you’ll enjoy, but a well-curated collection of coffees opens you up to a slew of new roasters, roasting styles, and growing regions that you may not otherwise select when left up to your own devices. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone in order to expand it. I don’t know how many times I’ve received a coffee in my Kaffebox subscription from an origin I thought I didn’t care for only for it to be what I seek out next time I’m purchasing for myself.

And a new box set from Cultivator Coffee wants to introduce you to a world of high-end coffee roasters, literally. With their 12 Days of Coffee Box, the New Albany, Indiana cafe and plant shop is offering a tour of specialty coffee roasters from 12 different countries.

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cultivator 12 days of coffee

A multi-roaster cafe (featured here as part of the 2021 Build-Outs of Summer), Cultivator knows a things or two about creating a thoughtful list of coffee roasters. For the 12 Days of Coffee Box, the company has put an international bent on their coffee curation. The set includes 12 different coffees—four ounces each—hand-selecting one roaster from 12 different countries. The box includes both high-profile international roasters as well as smaller outfits on the rise. This year’s roster is composed of A Matter of Concrete (The Netherlands), Story Coffee (Turkey), Switch Coffee (Japan), Tropicalia (Colombia), Obadiah (Scotland), Rabbit Hole (Canada), La Cabra (Denmark), Common Man Coffee (Singapore), Process Coffee (Northern Ireland), Solberg & Hansen (Norway), Right Side Coffee (Spain), and Gardelli (Italy).

Currently on pre-order, Cultivator’s coffee box set retails for $85 and is available via Cultivator’s website. The exact shipment date for the sets has yet to be finalized, but Cultivator states that they will arrive in time for Christmas, making them a pretty great gift idea. For more information or to pre-order your own, visit Cultivator Coffee’s official website.

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All images via Cultivator Coffee