Los Angeles’ Go Get Em Tiger is really having a Hollywood moment right now. On top of a bag of their coffee making a brief cameo in Ozzy Osbourne’s Reddit AMA announcement, GGET has swung wide to the other end of the musician-turned-TV-star-turned-back-to-musician spectrum, from biting the head off of a bat to chewing on Candy, the coffee roaster has teamed up with A Walk To Remember’s Mandy Moore for an exclusive coffee in honor of her upcoming album.

The coffee, a blend of unknown components called the Mandy Moore Silver Landings blend after the singer’s latest effort, is part of the “exclusive silver vinyl autographed bundle” and said to have been curated by Moore herself specifically so that one may “sit down, relax, and enjoy listening to Mandy’s new album. Along with the coffee, the bundle contains a 5oz Berry Spice Candle, a mini vinyl Silver Landings replica coaster, an autographed copy of the record, and a hand-written note from Mandy Moore* (*”This is a replication of the original hand written note”). Currently in pre-order, the bundle can be purchased via Moore’s website for $75 and will ship out the week of March 6th.

Or if you are looking to go a la carte, you can purchase a 12oz bag of the Mandy Moore Silver Landings blend for $25. There will only be a total of 500 bags of this coffee produced, so act fast before you’ll just have to drink coffee curated by a coffee buyer, which barf.

We obtained this exclusive quote from Mandy Moore, and it is as follows:

You know who you are,
Your coffee is as sweet as Candy
I’ll be forever yours
Love always, Mandy

I have to be honest, this collab is the perfect encapsulation of a moment all non-LA people have when visiting the city. There you are, just having a coffee at a cafe, when in walks a famous person you haven’t really thought about for a while, just acting completely normal and doing completely normal person things like waiting in line for coffee. You don’t bother them or anything, you just note their presence. Then when you go back home to Omaha or wherever you can tell all your friends “I saw so-and-so getting coffee” and all your friends will know that person by name and be like, “very cool.” That’s what this coffee is. You can experience all that in drink form with the Mandy Moore Silver Landings blend.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

Top image via Mandy Moore’s official website