GCQRI Wraps Up With A “Data Dump”

Pictured: Hunt Slade, James Hoffmann, Peter Giuliano, Tom Owens, Trish Rothgeb, Vince Petiard, Wendy DeJong, Andrew Hetzel, Shawn Steiman, Jon Ferguson, and Geoff Watts.

We’re closely following the events unfolding at the GCQRI event in Texas. Great posts coming from JimSeven:

I think a lot of people came to this event brimming with ideas for research into coffee cup quality. This part of the day was something of a data dump from the group. There were several sections that we all got to visit to just throw ideas out: Genetics, Agronomy, Processing, Storage, Roast/Grind/Brew & Miscellaneous.

And the discussion just gets more interesting on Coffeed:

Theres a place for catimor, honestly, at 1000 meters where plants are devastated by coffee rust fungus or other diseases, bourbon or typica or caturra would not survive, and wouldn’t cup well anyway. They should go for quantity there, and maybe they can max out at 84 points with the help of coffee quality research. But in places where good cultivars can be grown, the farmer needs to be presented with a improved methods to maximize quality, distinguish this level of coffee from the lower grown arabica down the road, and get paid accordingly! The success of a business like mine is totally dependent on the success of that farmer.

Backwoods bloggers continue the conversation on Twitter. Hunt Slade / John Galt had this to say:

Where have we been and where are we going? Not sure anyone can say – even the few who know. 

Also, at one point, there was an armed gunman scare. Turns out people in Texas just walk around with firearms all the time. No big whoop.

The GCQRI has officially wrapped up and we’ll keep you informed as blog posts roll in. Stay tuned! Rock lobster!


  1. Hunt Slade

    3 December

    Harhar! How did I miss that pic at the top – too funny

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