In 2011, Andy and Nanelle Newbom sold Barefoot Coffee Roasters and moved from the Bay Area to El Salvador. Since then, they’ve started a craft brew bar and a farm-to-roaster networking business called Finca Coffees. But their new daily passion is bringing craft brewed beer to the Salvadoran masses, in the form of El Salvador’s first ever microbrewery. It’s called Brew Revolution:

El Salvador ama a nuestro gran cerveza artesanal! We are the first and only craft brewery in the country, and demand is exploding so fast we can barely keep up. Our little brew system, handmade here in El Salvador, was just the first round in our bootstrap, DIY, push to bring great Craft Beer, new skills, and good jobs to El Salvador! Que Chivo!

Since opening on June 1st, 2012, El Salvador is enjoying our mix of punk rock, California and Belgian style ales, and Salvadoran ingredients and attitude. Our team-driven brewery is a modern company, committed to training and developing staff to lead our vision of Salvadoran Craft Beer as a Culinary Art forward. The team does such a good job, we cannot keep up! We are selling nearly every drop of beer we produce each week and demand is still increasing!

You can support this innovative small business in a coffee producing country by getting involved on Kickstarter. Viva los cervesas!


Brew Revolution crew (Kickstarter)