Knowing coffee, learning coffee, trying to understand coffee—this is a humbling, lifelong pursuit. It is one of the most molecularly complex substances known to man, with a deep history rooted in Africa and countless modern expressions to be found in nearly every culture across the planet. The scale of coffee’s place in the public imagination, its unknowable vastness and importance across millennia, is the stuff of scholars and poets, journalists and storytellers, artists and academics.

But coffee is also a business, a commodity to be traded back and forth on the open market, with financial forces impacting the lives of millions around the world. The modern history of coffee is written every bit as much in ledgers and business charts. It’s not the *only* story that matters when we talk about coffee history, but nor should it be overlooked. In a new feature on Sprudge Special Projects, the journalist, author, and career coffee professional Mike Ferguson explores coffee’s undertold history as a market commodity, exploring price action on a macro scale across centuries. This is a must read for anyone who loves coffee, and especially if you now make your own life in the coffee trade.

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