Dry British Wit and the Coava K-One

Photo by klausthomsenBrilliant!

Megababe and caps lock GENTLEMAN Tim Styles is the hunky brains behind Tropical Saloon, perhaps the interweb’s most fabulous new blog . If you don’t subscribe to it on your RSS reader do yourself a favor and jump on that train right now. Here’s a great place to start: this piece on the new Coava K-One, featuring generous collaboration from James Hoffmann:

When I got back from Norway on Monday, I was delighted to find a K-ONE brewing filter on my desk, courtesy of the one and only Mr. Terry Z.

I’d been reading Twitter updates from a bunch of people, saying that it brewed some great coffee and as such, I was pretty keen to try it out. I found that, when I brewed with it in a ‘normal’ pour-over fashion, as I would with a V60 or similar, I was getting a lot of sediment in the cup, and a silty, coarseness to the mouthfeel that made the entire brew very dry, and reasonably unpleasant.

Find out how Tim got a great extraction using the K-ONE



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