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We got to run around with the folks at Dogwood Coffee Company a whole heck of a lot lot when we were in Minnesota a few time zones ago (for Hüsker Brew!), and seriously, it was a lot of fun hanging out with them (and also hurling dodgeballs at their heads, etc). They have a lot of interesting stuff going on in the immediate future, but first and foremost, click through that slideshow right above this paragraph. Go ahead, do it.





Dogwood really does have one of the more beautiful roastery / office spaces we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. It’s quintessentially perfectly Minnesota prairie industrial, and we’re kind of jealous of everyone who gets to work there. Here, we made a video:





Right? Such a beautiful space. You wouldn’t fault Dogwood for staying home, and yet, they’ve planned a series of traveling parties to promote their new Neon Espresso blend, in the shape of a 3 night touring engagement across the Upper Midwest. Here’s the tour dates:

* Tuesday Oct 23rd Chicago, IL: Wormhole Coffee (1462 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago) – The Dogwoodies will be pulling shots from 1pm-7pm at the Wizzy Hizzy, and then there’s a bar crawl that starts at 8pm at The Boiler Room, concluding with a dance party and more alcohol at the brand new Gaslight Coffee Roasters (one of our Build-Outs of Summer cafes, and the first from that series we’ll have the pleasure of visiting!). Oh wait, “pleasure of visiting”, that copy sort of buried the surprise, but yeah, big surprise! We’ll actually be there in Chicago for this night of the tour – our Kenya Dig It? party with Intelligentsia is like 2 days later. Chicago is clearly the place to be next week.

* Wednesday Oct 24th Milwaukee, WI: Roast Coffee Co. (2132 E Locust St, Milwaukee, WI) 1pm-6pm – after which the staff at Dogwood will re-enact Wayne & Garth re-enacting Laverne & Shirley.

* Thursday Oct 25th Madison, WI: Bradbury’s Coffee (127 N. Hamilton Madison, WI) will host what the D-woodz called a “good new-fashioned hootenanny”, which means a bunch of Neon Espresso from 2:3o-6:30, and then after that everyone will eat food & drink beer & hang out. Sounds fun!





We’d penned this whole expository essay on how nice everyone at Dogwood (and Cafe Imports and everywhere else) were to us when we hung out with them in Minneapolis, and about how this kindness was really refreshing but also slightly uncomfortable, because we’re Pacific Northwesterners, and we’re at lot more used to people being passive-aggressive all the time. Our scuttled essay concluded with us arriving at the point of, “Hey, maybe we should be okay with people being nice, because that’s how the world should be, and isn’t Minneapolis the best place ever?” But to be totally honest with you, this essay kind of got away from us; it was really long and kind of self-aggrandizing (or at the very least, solipsistic), and so we cut it out. But we DO still want to tell you about some other cool stuff Dogwood is working on, because there is no shortage of cool stuff that they are working on, including:

  • Parka, a new restaurant from the folks at Dogwood Coffee Company, Victory 44, and Rustica Bakery. This will be chef Erick Harcey’s second restaurant, his first being the nationally-acclaimed (and certifiably delicious) Victory 44. No opening date as of yet, but they’ve scouted a location in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. Watch Sprudge for more details as they’re made available.
  • Stock & Badge, a provisions workshop housed inside the Dogwood roastworks. S&B is another collaboration between Dogwood and chef Erick Harcey, this one being a test kitchen for Mr. Harcey’s small-batch preserves, mustards, and assorted culinary accouterments.
  • Honey Bar, a collaboration with local bee vomit titans Ames Farm, whose honey is 1. get-out-of-town delicious, 2. traceable back to the individual hutch cluster, and 3. distributed by Dogwood. Honey Bar will open inside the Rustica Bakery location at 3220 West Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Guess we have to come back to Minneapolis sometime soon, and have people be nice to us some more. Darn. Also, we weren’t kidding about the trampoline dodgeball: supports the campaign to “Vote No” on Minnesota’s Definition of Marriage Amendment. Please learn more here. #YesEqual #VoteNo