Winnipeg: Parlour Coffee’s Moment In The Sun

Winnipeg: Parlour Coffee’s Moment In The Sun

To our list of must-visit-but-haven’t-yet shops in the North American Midwest – and there are several, with a full listing below – we have now added Winnpeg, Manitoba’s Parlour Coffee, who were recently featured in this charming short film by Jeremie and Janelle Wookey for the Winnipeg Spectator Tribune.

Serving three of the finest Candian specialty coffee roasters – Detour, 49th Parallel, and Phil & Sebastian – Parlour looks to be quite sleek and urban, which makes sense, seeing as how it’s located right in the middle of downtown Winnipeg’s Main Street. The interior aesthetic reminds us a bit of a few Portland cafes, including the new Barista location on 3rd Avenue and the Stumptown Ace Hotel – and we mean these comparisons as compliments. We’re also charmed by Parlour’s functionally minimalist one-page website, that includes a current list of retail purveyors, pastry wholesalers, and regularly updated gallery listings.

Oh yes, that listing of the North American Midwestern shops we haven’t seen yet but badly want to. This list is admittedly incomplete, and we’ll open comments for you to pillory us with further suggestions.

We would like to drink coffee at all of you, and many, many more, we’re sure.



  1. joshmcneilly

    21 October

    you’ll also definitely want to check out a shop that just opened in Columbus, Ohio called Mission Coffee Co. They roast, pull on a Strada EP, and have a full manual bar. The shop is run by a pair of photographers/designers, which goes to say that it looks incredible.

  2. David

    19 October

    You guys forgot Kaldis in your midwest coffee list. Specifically the DeMun location.

  3. Chris Hildebrand

    18 October

    If you’re going to be in Manitoba anyway, perhaps swing by Jonny’s Java in Winkler, MB. They too serve fine coffee from Detour, 49th Parallel and Phil&Sebastion. Not to mention coffee from Intelligentsia, Transcend and Fratello! I would love to see a feature on them down the road.

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