The Mid-Atlantic / Northeast Coffee Conference – MANE – happens this weekend in Providence, Rhode Island, and your intrepid (and jet-lagged) Editors will be live and in full effect at the event. We’ll be joining a star-studded cast of presenters and panelists that represent the toppermost of the poppermost in global specialty coffee – big names with big reputations and plenty to say on a wide variety of topics. Check out the full MANE schedule by clicking this link, but if we may crow for just a second, we’ll be hosting two absolutely smashing panels at the event, and we’re really, really excited about them both.

On Saturday, October 13th we’re presenting what should be a candid, insightful, and personal series of interviews with the following five folks:

The topic for this panel is “How Did I Get Here?”, which coincidentally is what we’ll be asking ourselves while sharing the stage with this big bunch of geniuses.

But because we’re crazy-busy workaholics who take on all challenges, et al, we’re also hosting a second panel on Sunday, October 14th. The topic is “Retail Therapy”, and we’ll be asking questions like: “How is retail evolving? What comes next? Who’s doing cafe design right, right now? Where are you at with your batch brewing? How’s your marketing going? What are you up to this weekend?

Joining us on the Retail Therapy panel:

These panels are gonna be a hoot, but they sure ain’t the whole story from MANE. Keep an eye on Sprudge for photos, tweets and recaps all weekend long from Providence, Rhode Island.

Sprudge coverage from MANE made possible by direct support from Joe NYC and Wilbur Curtis Co.