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A few weeks back, had the most exquisite and distinct pleasure of traveling with Scott Guglielmino, Kent Bakke, and Mike Del Gado of La Marzocco USA while traveling with the Counter Culture Coffee crew and their Works In Progress: Fermentation and Fruit Bombs East Coast Tour. We had a lot of fun, for reals, and you can relive all of our Fermentation & Fruit Bombs coverage here.

While on this tour, we noticed a phenomenon most curious: Kent Bakke, the intrepid leader of La Marzocco USA , likes to look at things. We couldn’t help but documented this occurance as it happened up and down the East Coast. With no further ado, we’re proud to present Kent Bakke Looking At Things.

Kent looks at photography inside Pavement Coffee House in Boston.
Kent checks out the goods at Terrain Garden Cafe Coffee Bar in Connecticut.
Kent catches up on e-mails outside Sabrina’s Cafe in Philadelphia.
Kent reads on his iPad at Elixr Coffee in Philadelphia. Wait, is that Seth Lester in the purple sweatshirt?
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