On the latest episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast, Sprudge co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen drink coffee and eat almond pastry on foggy morning in Portland, Oregon. Not just any coffee, but the first release of Finca el Suelo—an Ethiopia landrace coffee grown in Colombia on a farm owned in part by Sprudge Award winner Tim Wendelboe. The limited release represents the very first harvest, years in the making, and the hosts share their excitement for the farm’s future harvests.

Can’t get enough podcasts? Want to learn more about Finca el Suelo? Listen to the Sprudgie Award winning Tim Wendelboe Podcast Episode 21 – “A Conversation About Our Coffee Farm Finca el Suelo”. 

Carlsen and Michelman discuss the Sprudge Twenty program presented by Pacific Barista Series. Now in its fifth year, the Sprudge Twenty nominations are now open. Nominations are free thanks to the support of Pacific Barista Series. Read the in-depth interviews of the participants from previous years: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, Sprudge 20 interviews can be found here.

The hosts talk at length about the ongoing Sprudge Special Projects program made possible by La Marzocco. The hub is home of long-form coffee journalism from a growing international team of writers. Visit specialprojects.sprudge.com to find thought provoking and original work—updated each and every month.

This episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by Straus Family Creamery, DONA and Pacific Barista Series.

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