Are you sick and tired of your children’s poor motor skills and limited creativity adorning your mugs? Don’t you wish that you could replace your child with something more refined, perfect, and consistent? Don’t we all. That’s why the folks over at Mad Scientist created an eco-friendly cardboard coffee mug robot printer – no more messy children’s art to ruin your morning.

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Underneath the pen carriage, the opening of the mug fits onto a three-jaw coupler on the motor shaft, and the base of the mug is held against a rubber-faced spring-loaded plunger. Small copper tubes are used as bushings to allow the coupler pieces to rotate inward or outward to allow mugs of differing diameters to fit on. A little silicone on the surface of each of the three parts provides a gripping surface, and the upcurved lip keeps the mug from sliding too far.

A child doesn’t have the gripping surface or the copper tube brushings to perform a seamless mug decoration operation. Why stop at printing on mugs? Why not replace the whole child with a sentient cyborg?

What could possibly go wrong?

 Read the whole story here via Boing Boing.

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