Are you sick of gifting wine of the month clubs, or processed cheese of the month clubs, or assorted socks of the month clubs? Us too. Put down the SkyMall catalog and listen up: this year give the gift of coffee subscriptions. There are so many incredible coffee subscription services out there—from exceptional roasters offering their own subscription services, to curatorial multi-roaster companies that work with top roasters across the planet—which means it’s never been a better time to get fresh, delicious coffee delivered to your doorstep.

In this holiday guide we scoop from a diverse pool of subscriptions. Check it out!

Multi-Roaster Services


MistoBox, a multi-roaster subscription service, will send you a hand curated box of coffee from a selection of over forty exceptional coffee roasters. For the holiday season, their gift subscriptions come in all shapes and sizes. Starting at $20 for a month’s supply to a $240 year-long subscription, you can customize the order or let the receiver choose what kind of coffee situation they’d prefer. Excellent!

Barista Hustle Superlatives

Why not gift a Superlatives subscription from Barista Hustle out of Australia? $22 bucks a month will get you a very special envelope of coffee (ranges from 60g – 100g depending on the rarity). In the Land of the Coffee Nerds, those with a Superlatives subscription will rule over all.


This sounds like fun! KaffeBox is the perfect gift for that person in your life that’s really into the whole Scandinavian thing right now. We all have someone in our life like this. They would just fall over backwards in their Scandinavian Minimalist loft with glee when their two bags of Nordic coffee arrive from the Norwegian post. This is the perfect subscription service for that person—they’ll be sure to say “takk“, which means “Thank You” in Scandinavian.

Collected Coffee


Well this is nice! For $25 you’ll receive 250g of coffee each month from an internationally renowned coffee roaster. Wouldn’t you enjoy a coffee roasted and shipped to you from Amsterdam, Tokyo, Melbourne, or Berlin? Think of it as a fancy meat of the month club. In December, Collected is sending the delightful Ethiopia Biftu Gudina roasted by Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden. Very good!

The Wright Cup


This Ohio-centric coffee subscription service offers sampler boxes highlighting lovely roasters in the state of Ohio. Buy your loved one a “Tour Of Ohio” for $100 and they’ll receive four city boxes (Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus) each with four 2.75oz sample bags. On top of that, they’ll get a capsule of Third Wave Water to power-boost a gallon of distilled water. Not bad!

Single-Roaster Services

Phil & Sebastian


Calgary’s Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters makes subscription gift giving simple and customizable. Simply choose the quantity, duration, and coffees. Filter or espresso coffee gift subscriptions start at $30, and they’re shipping to all coffee lovers within the US and Canada.

Pilot Coffee Roasters

“Everyone loves a surprise!” Pilot will ship two choice Toronto-roasted coffees once or twice monthly starting at $110 CAD. Available for readers in the US and Canada.

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