This week on Coffee Design we are featuring Mug Drugs, a Black-owned coffee brand located in Florence, South Carolina. Mug Drugs is a small-batch coffee company that launched in October 2020. “Our beans are from Central and South America,” says Mug Drugs PR & Marketing Director Jacque’ Scott, “and we blend the grounds together ourselves to create the flavor profiles.” The company offers four blends and a sample pack and currently working on a social media rebrand, but it’s their packaging design we want to highlight today, created by co-founder and Creative Director Ari Gibson-Thomas.

We spoke with Jacque’ Scott digitally to learn more.

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Hi, Jacque’. Tell us about how Mug Drugs got started!

We got started in October of 2020 and launched for orders in November of that same year. Mug Drugs was created out of a love of coffee but also recognizing that the industry was missing inclusive, honest, humorous Black voices and we aimed to fill that gap.

The Mug Drugs team – Jacque’ Scott (Marketing & PR Director), Ari Gibson-Thomas (Co-Owner and Creative Director), Sham Gibson-Thomas (Co-Owner and Sales Director).

Who is on your team?

We are a small company working with an offsite roaster but we grind and blend everything ourselves to ensure that we have the best flavors and quality. The owners of the company are Ari and Sham Gibson-Thomas.

What are your current coffee offerings? Tell us about the blend names.

Each blend name and image is a head nod to Black American culture and entertainment. We currently offer four flavors. Our best seller being We Wuz Kangz.

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We Wuz Kangz:
Roast: Medium
Flavor Profile: Cinnamon, honey and vanilla (King Cake)


The OG
Roast: Medium
Flavor Profile: Soft, creamy, sweet


Out of All the Flavors In the World
Roast: Medium
Flavor Profile: Salted Caramel


Is That Velvet? (Red Velvet Cake Coffee)
Roast: Light
Flavor Profile: cocoa, cream cheese, and cake

Who designed the packaging?

The packaging was designed by our co-owner, Ari Gibson-Thomas.

What’s next for Mug Drugs?

We are currently rebranding our image so that our social media presence packs as hard of a punch as our coffee does! So watch out!

Thank you!

Buy Mug Drugs online at their official website and follow Mug Drugs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

All media courtesy of Mug Drugs. 

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