We’re thrilled to feature New York City’s elegant Felix Roasting Co. package design this week. Sprudge Editor Liz Clayton visited in 2019 and since then Felix Roasting Co. has opened several new locations and launched new products available nationwide. We caught up with the folks at Felix Roasting Co. to talk about their design process and what’s coming next.

Tell us about Felix Roasting Co here in November 2021! What’s new?

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Felix Roasting Co is now on its fourth location in Aspen, Colorado, marking our first venture outside of New York City. We have expanded our offerings to providing specialty coffee to a range of selective hotel, restaurant, and hospitality partners as well as distributing ready to drink cold brew to major markets nationally.


Everything about Felix Roasting Co is absolutely beautiful—tell us the inspiration behind Felix’s gorgeousness—from interiors to packaging to beverages to social media.

Felix Roasting Co takes much of its inspiration from the Aesthetic movement, pairing and layering different visual patterns and ideas together. We believe that beautiful coffees should be paired with beautiful environments for a unique approach to the minimalist trend of the last decade. As we are a hand-crafted company, everything we sell is unique and created by us , from the coffee canisters to the proprietary nut milk.

Who did you all work with to design your packaging?

Our partner, illustrious designer Ken Fulk spearheads the design and branding for Felix. Felix Roasting Co is the first time Ken Fulk has partnered with a project he has designed.

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Tell us about your whole bean bag packaging—what materials are used? How is it printed?

Our packaging utilizes our Felix floral pattern which is an Arabica flower that was hand-drawn by our team.


Tell us about the whole bean coffee tubes!

Our whole bean coffee tubes were proudly made the United States and represent the kind of quality and care we put into our coffees. We utilize a custom color with copper foil as well as die-cut and color coordinated stickers to differentiate between coffees of different origins.

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And the tea canisters—what are the materials there?

Our Matcha Canisters are filled with the highest quality matcha from Hoshino Village, Yame, Fukuoka in Japan. It is milled weekly to order-producing some of the freshest matcha on the market. It is lightly floral and fruity with earthy sweetness absolutely perfect for lattes or alone with hot water.

What are some coffees you all are currently excited about?

We have two very exciting new coffees for the holiday season and the new year! We have been holding onto a very limited quantity of Costa Rica SL-28 from our friends Don Oscar and Dona Francisca Chacon at Las Lajas Micromill in Alajuela. We released it now because it is the absolute perfect coffee to share with friends. It is a Kenyan varietal, SL-28, that produces pronounced berry acidity balanced with honey sweetness.

Another new coffee that just arrived is from Huila, Colombia. Jesus Barahona is third-generation coffee farmer and this year he produced five bags using a relatively new processing method called Anaerobic Natural. Similar to carbonic maceration in winemaking, the whole coffee cherry is sealed in bags causing carbon dioxide to build up, creating a hypoxic environment. We were lucky enough to get all five bags. This coffee is fruity and light with notes of apricots and raspberries.

What’s next for Felix Roasting Co?

We are excited to bring Felix to more areas and locations and displaying our unique take on the cafe experience.

Thank you!

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