2021 has been a banner year for the Coffee Design project here at Sprudge—a global survey of the art and intentionality behind the canvas of coffee bag design. But we aren’t done yet! Here in December of 2021 we’re taking a closer look at the work of Aveley Farms Coffee, a Marlyand-based coffee company that oozes Baltimore pride, while keeping the long, proud tradition of line drawn imagery alive in coffee. This is quietly some of our favorite art of the year here at Coffee Design, but how about you explore our archives and see if you agree? There’s no wrong answers.

As told to Sprudge by founder Corey Voelkel. 

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Tell us about Aveley Farms Coffee here in 2021. How are y’all doing?

This has been a crazy year for us in terms of both growth and struggles. We are excited to announce we will be expanding and opening a second Aveley Farms location in Towson, Maryland this spring! In addition to this we will be moving our roasting operations into its own industrial space to allow for more roasting and cold brew production. We recently started distributing our canned cold brew into Whole Foods Market and all throughout wholesale accounts in Maryland and DC!

Tell us about the branding and product design—who did you work on it with?

This was a fun project that I was able to work on with one of our regulars, Rachel Marie, who is an amazing artist and graphic designer. Our staff gets asked all the time about the name Aveley Farms, so we wanted to highlight the back-story about Aveley Farms and how it came about! One of our main goals was to simplify the bag while incorporating our Baltimore pride (Bottom fold), our sourcing practices, and our color pallet to match our front entrance mural (side folds). We redesigned the labels to create clean lines while keeping the label colors to help customers recognize their favorite coffees and origins.

aveley farms 02

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What’re the inspirations for the design? 

The inspiration of Aveley Farms and the design stems from the backstory and wanting to highlight our mission of bringing sustainable coffees back to our community in Baltimore! Rachel got inspiration for the rest of the bag design from our in-house Diedrich IR-12 roaster, and our front wall mural that has become a part of our brand. We love the color pallet and geometric design she came up with!

What makes Aveley Farms a West Coast style roaster?

While I’m originally from Baltimore, my coffee experience started while living in San Diego. (Specifically from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters). The cup of coffee I had there changed my perspective and things snowballed from there. I wanted to recreate the sustainable practices and coffee experiences I learned from local roasters in San Diego and bring them back home for the Baltimore Community to experience. Our operations are modeled on sourcing direct trade and relationship-based coffees and creating a sustainable supply chain between coffee farmers and end consumers.

What coffees are you currently excited about?

Like so many other roasters we’ve had trouble with the supply chain this year, but we have two Honey Processed Coffees (from Honduras and Costa Rica) that I’m really excited about and our customers are currently enjoying!

aveley farms 03

Where is your coffee available?

You can find our bagged coffee in our cafe, online, and several wholesale accounts throughout Maryland. Our canned cold brew is available at our cafe, throughout Baltimore and DC, as well as at Whole Foods Market.

What’s next for Aveley Farms Coffee?

We are in the process of opening a new retail location in Towson, Maryland. We can’t wait to become part of another amazing community in Maryland! We are also moving our roasting into its own space, which will allow us to serve more wholesale accounts as well as our growing online business and retail locations. In addition to this we are planning an origin trip to our partners in Guatemala and Costa Rica for the New Year to find some new amazing coffees and strengthen our commitment to our current producers. Lastly, we are launching a new subscription program after the New Year so you can get your favorite coffees and new releases delivered weekly or monthly.

Thank you.

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