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If you think about it, what really is love if not a coffee blend? You take two (or three or more, love is love) unique coffees and mix them together into a new perfect whole, a new entity that had yet to exist into you and your other came together. Maybe you’re a safe, homey Costa Rica and you need the wild, untamed spirit of your forever blender, an anaerobic fermented Colombia. Separately, you each had your own unique flavor profiles, but together you’ve struck just the right balance. Or maybe you are your own true love and so you’re pairing your washed Ethiopia self with another washed Ethiopia. Love takes all forms and so do blends. Relationships are all yin and yang, push and pull. We give we take we learn we grow, what more can anyone ask for really?

So for Valentine’s Day, we’ve scoured the coffee world for something a little more literal to accompany our heavy-handed metaphor. With so many great roasters out there right now, we picked a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day blends, bundles, and all manner of Valentine’s coffee fun to tickle your tastebuds. Share a cup with a loved one, give them as a gift to a friend, drink them alone at home with your cat, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these lovely, lovely Valentine’s Day coffee blends.

Establishing Clear Boundaries While Sharing Moments of Intimacy Blend – Go Get Em Tiger

Sometimes you just have to be direct and say what’s on your mind. And what’s on the minds of the folks over at Go Get Em Tiger is an all Colombia blend. Combining a Caturra variety from Finca La Peña in Nariño with a Gesha from Huila’s Finca La Esmeralda creates an “overt sweetheart candy and tropical papaya flavors merged with delicate florals like orange blossom.”

Sweetheart Coffee Bundle – Partners Coffee

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When is a blend not just a blend? When it’s TWO blends and a single origin. And that’s what Partners Coffee is bringing to the table this Valentine’s Day. This sweetheart of a bundle features the Elevate and Brooklyn blends—two of their most popular—as well as a brand new single origin offering, the naturally processed Honduras San Francisco with notes of “pomegranate, sweet raspberry, and juicy green apple candy.” There’s more than enough coffee to share (and still keep a few bags for yourself).

For the Love of Coffee Gift Set – Verve Coffee

It’s like Pedro the Lion says during the chorus of one of their love songs that go sideways, “it’s good to have options.” And with Verve’s For the Love of Coffee gift set, you’ve definitely got options. Choose from one of three “chocolate-inspired” blends—the Bronson, Sermon, and Buena Vista—to round out a gift set that includes Verve’s Dune Muggy coffee mug, the Perfect Morning candle, and a very special Valentine’s Day Card.

Sweetheart Yirgacheffe Reserve – Olympia Coffee

Ok so maybe this one isn’t technically a Valentine’s Day specific offering, but couples can enjoy espresso together so we had to include one on our list (and c’mon with a name like Sweetheart it was a no brainer). This Yirgacheffe Reserve from Olympia Coffee is just the sort of espresso I’d want after a fancy schmancy dinner. Notes of peach, candied citrus, and rose bring the sort of delicate flavor profile that won’t overwhelm that meal you just paid way too much for and would like to savor for as long as humanly possible.

20% off any coffee – Amavida Coffee

But what if the owner of your heart isn’t a fan of blends? Assuming breaking up is out of the question (blends are great and it’s high time they get the respect they deserve), Amavida Coffee has you covered. Use the code HEART and receive a 20% discount on your entire online coffee order. I only have eyes for the honey-processed Rwanda from the Kanyege Central Washing Station. Big notes of peach, strawberry, and molasses put this coffee solidly in my wheelhouse and is sure to please Mr. Too Cool For Blends. Did they not read what we said about blending up at the top?!

Puppy Love – ReAnimator Coffee

While not, strictly speaking, a Valentine’s Day blend, there is no love more true or unwavering than that of a dog. If today is a celebration of love, well then there’s no way we can forget about all the unearned affection we received on a daily basis from those furry bozos hogging all the bed. Working in collaboration with the Pennsylvania SPCA, ReAnimator Coffee has created the Puppy Love blend, a mix of Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia that tastes like toasted almonds, brown sugar, and red apple. And the best part is, proceeds from the sale of Puppy Love go directly to the PSPCA.

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