Love is in the air. Or is it pollen? Either way, we’re itchy eyed and rashy at the possibility that year this we’ll finally find our true love. Sure there have been others in the past that we thought could have turned into something; a random hookup with @coldbrew420 here and the occasional late-night message from an Antipodean heartthrob there (only to later find out it’s actually 10:00am their time and this was a business call), but even then, deep down we knew they wouldn’t last. Some things are just meant to burn brightly and fade away.

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But now we’re older and wiser, and we’re really ready to commit. We’re not just some young pup out there cycling through yet another coffee company in their weekly-changing eight account multi-roaster program. No! We’re looking for THE ONE, the roaster with the perfect espresso blend to our heart.

And we know some of your are right there with us, while others, well, you’re keeping your cafe options very “open concept.” Either way, your friends at Sprudge are here to help. Let us yenta your Yirgacheffe by taking this quiz and finding your perfect coffee crush. We’ve cross-referenced our extensive knowledge Grindr and—neither of which are as coffee related as they may seem—with a coupla ten coffee subscription services and just a dash of the Sprudge special sauce to create the most accurate love test to date. Given the extreme accuracy, please only take this quiz if you are ready to know who is without question going to be your next (and maybe last?) coffee relationship.

Sadly, this quiz is no longer active.