One of the more fun Judeo-Christian traditions this time of year is the advent calendar. Each day in the month of December leading up to Christmas, a new box or window corresponding to that day is opened on the advent calendar, revealing succeeding parts of a story or a small candy or even a dram of liquor in some cases. In this spirit, Virginia’s Red Rooster Coffee Roasters is doing something a bit advent-urous and releasing a new coffee every other day up until Christmas.

Called the “12 Days of Coffee,” Red Rooster’s advent calendar features 12 brand new coffees to be released on odd-numbered days in December leading up to Christmas. Thus far, the 2017 Good Food Award finalist has released two holiday blends offering differing roast profiles on their mixture of Ethiopian and Honduran coffees as well as a single origin honey processed Sumatra from Wahana Estate. Red Rooster has a selection of nice coffees coming the advent shoot, but we’re not going to tell you what they are. That would defeat the whole purpose of the advent calendar.

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Quantities of Red Rooster’s 12 Days of Coffee roasts are extremely limited, generally around 30 or 40 per selection. Or, if you want to ball out of control, you can order one of the eight remaining box sets containing all 12 coffees for $200.

For more information on the coffee released thus far, check out Red Rooster’s 12 Days of Coffee page here. And go ahead and order a bag or two. We need to keep their Little Roasting Drummer Boy busy. Pah Rum Pum Pum PUN!

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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