Hi again Chicago! We’ve got you on the mind right now, what with this cool build-out happening at Gaslight Coffee, and some early planning for our next Sprudge public cupping event (more details coming soon). Your fair town is preparing for the annual invasion that accompanies Chicago Coffee Fest, an intense trade show weekend that brings with it vendors, coffee types, and impossible walk-in wait times at Violet Hour. If you’re arriving to Chicago soon, or lucky enough to be a resident there, you’d do well to get thyself to Wormhole Coffee (1462 North Milwaukee, Wicker Park) tomorrow, Thursday June 7th, for a multi-tiered event we sorely wish we could attend.

Tier One: This event marks the official launch of the New Gotham Coffee Community, “an organization who’s goal is to unite the Chicago coffee community though education, awareness, and actively bringing together Baristas and the consumers they love”, as per their Facebook group. Sounds kinda culty and fun, like maybe there’s some fabulous, terrifying initiation rite involving espressos, bath salts, and live on-screen interviews with CNN. Count us in!

Tier Two: After the Gotham Coffee Cult kick-off, there’s a big old TNT happening on-site at Wormhole. Love them or hate hate hate them, TNT’s that happen during Coffee Fest / USBC events are always chock full of intrigue. Will an out of towner take home the cash prize? Will what’s-her-name blow the winnings at the bar instead of paying her rent? Is he REALLY wearing that in public? The spectacle is the main attraction here, people.

Tier Three: This night also marks the 2nd anniversary of Chicago’s Wormhole Coffee, so congrats, lads and ladies, and good luck in the coming months on your new roasting venture, HalfWit Coffee Roasters. We assume there will be libations and revelry offered throughout the evening to ring in this happy occasion.

Go to this! We’ll see you soon, Chicago.