Chelsea Clinton Loves Coffee, Country, Political D...

Chelsea Clinton Loves Coffee, Country, Political Destiny

If there’s one thing Vogue Magazine is certain of, it’s that Chelsea Clinton loves coffee. In the recent issue, Vogue profiles the younger Mrs. Clinton, and delves into the evolution of her policy beliefs, her electrifying public speechifying abilities, and perhaps most importantly, her battlefield delegation skills through all phases of the busy Manhattan coffee shop experience.

“You get us seats, I’ll stand in line and order our drinks. What are you drinking?” The reporter responds, “A latte!” Clinton asks, “Whole, skim, 2 percent or soy?” Chelsea Clinton, you’re unstoppable. Read more from Vogue:

Chelsea Clinton is representative of her generation in a surprising number of ways: She has a highly developed sense of irony; a late-bloomer aspect; a promiscuous career ambition; an unusually close relationship with her parents—and, above all, an obsession with elaborate coffee drinks. Indeed, I have been to coffee shops all over this great nation with Chelsea Clinton as I trailed her this spring and summer. Once, in Joplin, Missouri, we were hanging around a parking lot waiting for the camera crew she works with in her role as special correspondent for NBC, and her attention kept drifting across the street. “I am pretty intrigued by Joplin Avenue Coffee Company,” she said. A few moments later, her chief of staff, Bari Lurie, appeared to say the camera guys were an hour away. “I don’t know what we should do,” said Lurie. “When in doubt,” said Clinton, “coffee.”

So, Chelsea for President 2024, right? We’ll blink “sure” on our retina ballots.

Have YOU served Chelsea Clinton coffee, and was she super nice about the whole thing? Sound off in the comments below!



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