On the heels of our #AROMoMA event in San Francisco, from which we’re still just barely recovering, we’re beyond excited to announce our fifth cupping party in 2012: “Hüsker Brew: A Culinary Cupping With Sprudge.com.” This will be our first cupping party off the West Coast, and the first-ever trip to Minneapolis for Sprudge.com.

Hüsker Brew is an integrated event with Minneapolis’ own Cafe Imports, scheduled for the evening of Thursday, September 27th, and beginning at 5:30pm. Logistics and support are provided by Dogwood Coffee Co., a Minneapolis microroaster and longtime sponsor of this website.

We’ve done seasonal, regional, and international cupping parties thus far, but this time we wanted to try something completely different. With help from some extraordinary members of the Minneapolis / St. Paul culinary community, we’ll attempt to tie in together notions of seasonality, harvest, and local food culture with a celebration of fine fall coffees. With that in mind, we’ll be presenting our guests in Minneapolis with an evening in two phases:

Phase one: A public cupping party beginning at 5:30 pm at the Cafe Imports Warehouse – 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis – featuring seasonal coffee selections from an international cadre of Cafe Imports microroasters. The cupping itself will occur surrounded by more than 3 millions pounds of green coffee, by gosh, you betcha!

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Phase two: In concert with Cafe Imports, we’ve assembled a harvest festival of Minnesotan culinary treats, from an impressive list of invitees. Guests will join us at the Cafe Imports main offices – 2617 East Hennepin Ave, just 3 blocks from the warehouse – immediately following the cupping party. Here’s our roster of delights:

Chocolate: Rogue Chocolatier

Beer: Indeed Brewing

Cheese: France 44 

Bread: Rustica Bakery

Apples: Sweetland Apple Orchard

Deserts: Salty Tart

Main Course: Full roast pig from Victory 44 (!)

There’s also gonna be live music from American Idol contestant / piano songbird Sophia Shorai, delicious wines, and a big bad after party at Red Stag Supper Club.  We’ve never done anything quite like this before, and we’re so excited for you to be a part of it. More details coming soon, but for now, book yourself out for Thursday, September 27th – this event is free, open to the public, and very much “For You“.

Learn more and watch for updates via Hüsker Brew on Facebook, and btw, maybe consider clicking on the “Like” button while you’re there? No big whoop.

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