Our very first cartoon caption contest finalists have been announced, and now it’s up to you to vote on the winner! The victor will receive a limited-run WBC 2013 Sprudge.com Tote Bag (design by Joanna Han and Thomas Putman) along with our *very* limited run “World Barista Champion Drunk Doodle” button pack. Stay tuned tomorrow for a brand new Facebook Like-baiting cartoon caption contest! It’s fun, too! And you win prizes! Like us! Breaking!

Here are your three finalists:

Finalist #1:

Pot 1: “Do you like the new single origin?” Pot 2: “Too earthy for me.”

Finalist #2:

“They’ll be back for us…”

Finalist #3:

“I feel much less agitated in this atmosphere.”

Now go vote on Facebook and pick the winner! And LIKE us on Facebook! Like us!