This just arrived in our inbox from organizer Marcus Boni. Barista will have more time to get their routines in order. This is great news:

I wanted to let you know that we will not be having the NWBRC in conjunction with coffee fest seattle. Both Coffee Fest and SCAA have worked hard this past week to work through all the planning details and in the process, discovered that production costs would be much higher than we originally anticipated.  Coffee Fest worked especially hard in trying to accommodate our needs, but since their agreements for Seattle were already in place, there wasn’t much room to move this year. But we do see the potential for future events to take place in partnership

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As much as we would have liked to hold the NWRBC in conjunction with CoffeeFest this year, we recognize this change offers a bit more planning time for competitors, which we heard from some, would be a good thing.

We’ve definitely taken note of the comments about preparation time and will do our best to make schedule announcements further in advance in the future.

The annual schedule for the USBC and Brewers Cup program will be coming out in the next few weeks for all regional competitions. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions please direct them to myself.

Stay tuned to Sprudge for the latest on schedules, announcements and frothy gossip. Thanks for the update, Marcus!

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