BREAKING: Bandits Burgle Barrel’s Boar

BREAKING: Bandits Burgle Barrel’s Boar

6:30PM PST – San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee just tweeted:

Four masked men came in and stole one of our boars. Reward for info leading to arrest.

The missing boar was the largest of the four that have been fixtures since Four Barrel’s grand opening in 2009. Here’s an undated file photo of the missing head:


  1. Joe

    15 April

    Anyone thinking of doing this may want to consider what hot coffee on their face, kicked gonads and an arrest will feel like.

    Not funny.

  2. Pdub

    3 April

    Early April Fools joke perhaps?

  3. Danijela

    31 March

    Why people do these kinds of things. I really can’t understand that.

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