It's become an accepted matter of journalistic hive mind to call “Bob's Burgers” the best show on TV, but you know what? It really, really is.

Producers Loren Bouchard (Dr. Katz, Home Movies) and Jim Dauterive (King of the Hill) are rattling off a truly memorable fourth season of the show, something approaching early Simpsons caliber. On last night's episode, Bob introduces a brand new shiny espresso machine to his burger shop. Restaurant coffee!

“It was a little pricey, but it's an investment, right? Someone comes in for a burger, and they'll say, ‘Oh Bob! Finally you're selling espresso.'”

Tina, voiced by Dan Mintz, is Bob's teenage daughter. She tries her first taste and of espresso…


“That's terrible…that's…”


“Yeah, it's an acquired taste…that I just acquired.”


Tina becomes addicted to coffee.


Meanwhile, Bob loves keeping the machine clean.


When Linda sells the espresso machine to pay for Gene's baseball camp, Tina suffers espresso withdrawal, and Louise delivers the night's best line.


Turns out they all learn a thing or two about life. Kind of. You can watch the whole episode on Hulu.