A massive, mind-boggling field of talent representing some of the very best baristas in North America, these 26 baristas competed on Day One of the Big Central Regional Barista Championship. Here’s a curated selections of our favorite tweets from throughout the day, sourced via the @SprudgeLive Twitter feed.

Sprudge coverage from BCRBC made possible by direct support from Kaldi’s Coffee, PT’s Coffee, and Nuova Simonelli.’s original photography at Big Central Regionals is shot by Charlie Burt – he’s on Twitter as @Tiger_Friend

1. Katie Meyers, Alterra Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee – North Central Region:


10:16 ms. meyers of @AlterraCoffee competes using Alterra’s Guatemala Hunapu, from the Antigua region – learn more.

10:19 ms. meyers of @AlterraCoffee competes using milk from “sassy cow farms” in wisconsin! sassy cow. sassy cow. sassy cow.

10:28 katie meyers’ sig drink: honey, water, lemon juice & zest, charged with CO2 into a meringue-like foam – add espresso.

10:30 katie meyers of @AlterraCoffee with a poised, pleasant, professional routine here to kick us off at #BCRBC – calls time at 15:48

2. Forrest Wright, PT’s Coffee Roasters, Topeka, KS – South Central Region


10:37 forrest wright of @PTsCoffee at one time worked as a cherry picker in Guatemala in exchange for lodging. that’s wild man.

10:44 nectarine, red grape, “a fine red wine” – forrest wright on his @PTsCoffee Kenya Thiriku espresso

10:48 really involved sig drink from forrest wright of @PTsCoffee – hand whippin’, vac pot bubblin’, hot and cold contrast, sounds delish

10:59 forrest wright is kind of a man of steel up on stage – no shakes, no stutters, no flubs, no wiggles. super polished.

3. Jon Ferguson, Dogwood Coffee Company, MPLS – North Central Region


10:56 we spotted @JonEFerguson of @DogwoodCoffee at #SERBC in atlanta – when asked “what are you doing here”, he replied “Research.”

10:58 mr. ferguson competes w/ a colombia microlot from @DogwoodCoffee Los Platos El Mandarino, from producer Nodier Andrade

11:03 a constant stream of dialogue and information from @JonEFerguson – never a quiet or awkward moment, steady engagement with the #BCRBC judges

11:06 his roast from @DogwoodCoffee includes 40% “lighter roast”, 60% more developed roast to accentuate “caramel notes”

11:09 mr. ferguson’s #BCRBC milk comes from autumn wood farm, just outside MPLS – learn more: 

4. Nathan Shelton, Cultivar Coffee, Dallas – South Central Region


11:18 up next its Nathan Shelton – he’s the owner of @CultivarCoffee in Dallas, Texas

11:24 mr. shelton of @CultivarCoffee competes using a coffee from Colombia – “Agua Blanca”, Pedregral region, grown by the Penna family

11:30 sig drink from @CultivarCoffee‘s nathan shelton features cloves and cinnamon, mexican vanilla bean, molasses

5. Trevor Gruehn, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, Viroqua, WI – North Central Region


11:35 up next, it’s The Most Ridiculous Twitter Handle of #BCRBC – Trevor Gruehn ( @ThugLife4000 ) of @KickapooCoffee

11:43 oh my god @ThugLife4000 is also using Sassy Cow. Sassy Cow! Is Sassy Cow the official creamery of wisconsin #BCRBC competitors?

11:51 sig drink: @KickapooCoffee Kenya espresso with a meyer lemon honey syrup and “really awesome ice cubes”

6. Simeon David Bricker, The Roasterie, KCMO – South Central Region


12:00 “it’s not a city where tourists come – it’s a city where people live. ” – @SimBricks of @TheRoastery on his home town of KCMO

12:10pm a very KCMO focused routine here from @SimBricks – kansas city brewery, kansas city area milk, kansas city jeans…

12:11pm mr. bricker’s sig drink is “the hoppiato”, made using washington state hops sourced by kansas city’s own @Boulevard_Beer

7. Andy Atkinson, Intelligentsia, Chicago – North Central Region


12:15 “what piece of information can i tell someone that will add value to their experience?” – @BoomerBPA on the vagaries of service

12:19 mr. atkinson metions “orange sherbert and vanilla” as the notes for his Kenya Kangocho cappuccinos

12:23 mr. atkinson’s sig drink: blood orange, lavender infusion, coconut puree & maple syrup w/ @Intelligentsia Kenya Kangocho

12:28 mr. atkinson’s espresso shots have notes of “blood orange, candied apricot and maple syrup”

8. Patrick Burns, Palace Coffee Company, Canyon, TX – South Central Region


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12:42 “One shop by itself in a small community can make a difference – we can create an experience.” -Patrick Burns.

12:44 part of what we love about covering these events is learning about new shops. @PalaceCoffee sounds awesome. learn more:

12:47 mr. burns competes using @EvocationCoffee‘s Costa Rica La Violeta – learn more: …

12:48pm a surprise and pleasure, this routine from @PatrickBurns1 and his own @PalaceCoffee – calls time at 15:00 flat.

9. Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI – North Central Region


1:00pm inside tip: @LemonJellos is the longest continually operating all-ages venue in the state of Michigan.

1:07pm mr. scott’s sig = “raspberry stout” – @LemonJellos espresso, local michigan raspberry jam, local michigan honey, co2 charge

1:09pm sincerely enjoyed this routine from matthew scott and @LemonJellos, but unfortunately he’s the first DQ of the day at #BCRBC – time at 16:19

10. David Fasman, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis – South Central Region


1:14pm @DavidFasman competes using @Kaldis_Coffee Panama Lerida Estate – learn more and take some home

1:27pm Sig drink: cantaloupe, raspberry, and pom juices,espresso & cold brew, brought together with CO2 charge

1:28pm mr. fasman calls time at 14:55 – big roar in the crowd, super impressive routine from @DavidFasman and @Kaldis_Coffee

11. Zaida Dedolph, HalfWit Coffee Roasters, Chicago – North Central Region


1:34pm Ms. Dedolph competes using @HalfWitCoffee‘s Ecuador Perla Negra, sourced by the fine folks at @CafeImports

1:40pm i wanna dance with somebody. i wanna feel the heat with somebody. i wanna dance with somebody…somebody who loves me.

1:44 calls time at 14:57 – super cool, measured, professional routine from her and the folks at @HalfWitCoffee in Chicago

12. Lucas Becken, LatteLand, KCMO – South Central Region


1:48pm up next, another hometown hero – it’s Lucas Becken of Kansas City’s own @LatteLand – serving @Kaldis_Coffee

2:o5pm mr. becken is a 1st time competitor and has been with @LatteLand a scant 6 months. shouts out @Kaldis_Coffee and @mmmboni for suppor

13. Joshua Stephenson, Greyhouse Coffee, Lafayette, IN – North Central Region


2:11pm @GreyhouseCoffee is located near Purdue University – they’ve been voted “best coffeeshop” by the @purdueexponent 3 years running

2:14pm mr. stephenson of @GreyhouseCoffee competes using @PTsCoffee signature Southpaw Espresso – learn more: …

2:2opm mr. stephenson’s sig drink: juiced tangellos, @PTsCoffee southpaw espresso, malt syrup “painted” inside a shot glass

14. Pete Licata, Parisi Coffee, KCMO – South Central Region


2:32 literally standing room only here at #BCRBC at @PeteLicata takes the stage, representing @ParisiCoffee

2:34pm mr. licata’s coffee is a quick-washed number grown by Lucas Vera the Loja region of Southern Ecuador

2:37 Mr. Licata plays this game like an athlete. No wasted movements, no stuttered words, everything honed & fluid & focused.

2:45pm sig drink: blood orange, clover honey, dark-ish coffee, light-ish coffee, cold ginger cream w/ brown sugar

2:46pm asks judges to drink the hot liquid through the cold cream – “don’t be afraid, those napkins are there for you to use”


15. Mickey Comerford, Alterra Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee – North Central Region


2:52 AWESOME. Mr. Comerford of @AlterraCoffee plays a vinyl copy of Isaac Hayes’ “Hot Buttered Soul” live on stage for his #BCRBC routine.

3:03 mr. comerford’s sig drink: apricot kernels, confectionary sugar and water – an amaretto paste – topped with @AlterraCoffee espresso.

3:05pm mr. comerford competes using @AlterraCoffee‘s Kenya Mukurwe – sig drink is paired with an amaretto paste. sounds awesome.

16. Ryan Jarboe, Evocation Coffee Roasters, Amarillo, TX – South Central Region


3:14pm sweet cream, buttery, amaretto – @RyanDJarboe on his #BCRBC capps

3:24pm mr. jarboe calls time at 14:50 – @evocationcoffee is one of the big stories here at #BCRBC – check them out:

17. Jordan Hubred, Parka, MPLS – North Central Region


3:26pm Parka is a new restaurant collaboration between @DogwoodCoffee @Victory_44 and Rustica Bakery – 3 leading quality brands in MPLS

3:29pm Mr. Hubred’s espresso from @DogwoodCoffee = 50% costa rica 25% el salvador 25% brazil – tastes like “kiwi jolly rancher”

3:30pm did you guys know that people in MPLS are basically the nicest ever, and also they make delicious things?

18. Laura Clark, Homer’s Coffeehouse, KCMO – South Central


3:52pm cocoa powder, milk chocolate, and cherry notes in @azn_barista‘s espressos – Guatemala La Voz, roasted by @EFHobbs

4:00pm sig drink = espresso, orange, ginger, and flamed cara cara orange zest

4:01pm ms. clark turns in a routine with heart & passion, but unfortunately she’s past 16 minutes and will be the 3rd DQ of the day at #BCRBC

4:02pm “today i hope i made the producers, farmers, and roasters proud” – @azn_barista you definitely totes did. ♥

19. Andrew Grassmick, MadCap Coffee Co., Grand Rapids, MI – North Central


4:08pm Mr. Grassmick competes using @MadCapCoffee‘s Guatemala Las Aguas Altas, Huehuetenango region.

4:14pm “the first time i had this coffee, the heavens opened, the angels sang…i want to recreate that moment”

4:18pm sig drink: ghanaian cocoa melted w/ sugar & water, espresso, pressed blackberry w/ citrus peel, nutmeg

20. Nora Brady, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis – South Central


4:42 ms. brady serves a naturally processed Sumatra wahana estate from @Kaldis_Coffee “an outlier” that challenges preconceived notions

4:45 there is this magic x factor control & pace thing that great competitors all do, and @snackpackbrady does that thing.

4:56 calls time at 15:18 – shouldn’t hurt her too much, that’s easy one of the best routines of the day at #BCRBC

21. Brenna Kail, Intelligentsia, Chicago – North Central Region


4:50pm Ms. Kail competes using @Intelligentsia‘s Organic Bolivia Anjilanaka, the coffee as fun to drink as it is to say!

4:52pm Brenna Kail of @intelligentsia drops espresso with “tart apricot, sweet caramel, a lingering clove finish”

5:02pm brenna kail of @intelligentsia turns in charming & professional routine, but unfortunately calls time at 16:10. she’s the 4th DQ of #BCRBC

22. Wyatt Johnson, LatteLand, KCMO – South Central Region


5:06pm up now is Wyatt Johnson, one of several competitors representing KC’s own @LatteLand serving @Kaldis_Coffee

5:19pm mr. johnson of @latteland calls time at 14:40 – big cheers here for another hometown KC barista at #BCRBC

23. Talya Strader, Bow Truss Coffee, Chicago – North Central Region


5:22 Talya’s routine at #BCRBC incorporates three coffees from three different roasters, processed three different ways

5:23 first coffee = washed red bourbon, roasted by @DarkMatter2521 – finca san jose from el salvador

5:29 2nd coffee from @talyastrader – ethiopia yirgacheffe roasted by @bowtruss served in capps – learn more: …

5:30pm 3rd coffee served at #bcrbc is a pulp natural Panama roasted by @ipsentocoffee – she’s using that for her sig drink

5:34pm sig drink: sorrel, cranberries, honey, & v60 brewed @ipsento Panama pulp natural topped with @bowtruss yirg espresso

5:37pm she calls time at 15:02-ish, just barely over. big massive ambitious complex fascinating varied smart routine

24. Steve Willingham, Elemental Coffee Roasters, OKC – South Central


5:40pm mr. willingham will serve the judges a gedeo union yirgacheffe ethiopian – “a phenomenal coffee”

5:43pm @elementalcoffee is located in Oklahoma City, which is 5 hours and 354 miles from Kansas City and the BCRBC

5:55pm mr. willingham offers up a stellar routine here at #BCRBC, but unfortunately he’s just a few seconds over 16 minutes…5th DQ of the day

25. Brian Ensminger, The Coffee Studio, Chicago – North Central


6:00pm Mr. Ensminger serves a Bolivian Ocho Estrellas coffee roasted by @Intelligentsia

6:09pm . @ensmingerbrianm’s routine reminds me of @TravisBeckett – 1 of 2012’s USBC finalists. similar pacing & composure & tone. a compliment.

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