Exciting news via The Stranger for those traveling in and out of Seattle’s SeaTac airport on the reg: Seattle indie coffee favorites Slate Coffee Roasters and Broadcast Coffee Roasters will join a slew of new non-terrible food and beverage offerings setting up shop across the sprawling airport’s many concourses (concoursi?).

The Stranger reporter Tobias Coughlin-Bogue has more:

Even the most well-appointed airport is still a soulless wasteland of overpriced, undercooked nachos and AB InBev beers, perhaps with a bit of branding slapped on it, which offers little cheer before the cheerless experience of fighting for overhead bin space. Now, however, the dining portion of our local airport experience it is about to get a little more tolerable, as the Port of Seattle just announced the winning bids for its big dining and retail overhaul.

There is, of course, a Starbucks “Urban Market” and a smattering of other corporate shit—this is the airport after all—but the list represents a pretty significant shift away from the type of overpriced, miserably bad corporate concepts we’ve accepted as one of the grim realities of air travel for far too long.

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The new and improved SeaTac will feature such local favorites as the Stone House Café, Good Bar, Standard Bakery/Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Macrina Bakery, and Slate Coffee Roasters. There’s even a Sub Pop Records/Lil Woody’s collaboration called Poppa Woody’s in the works, to really hammer home the hyper-local hipness of it all.

Seattle NBC affiliate King 5 reports that Slate’s airport cafe will be located in something called the “Marche Food Hall” alongside Jujubeet (juices), Salt & Straw (fast-expanding Portland artisan ice cream), and Macrina Bakery (your Northwest dad’s favorite pastries).

Broadcast’s offering is part of a wider partnership with Standard Bakery, and will be “operated by Pacific Gateway Concessions, LLC” as per King 5.

“We’re particularly pleased that so many local minority and small businesses see the benefit of opportunities at Sea-Tac Airport,” says Port of Seattle Commission President Tom Albro, in an official statement. Less particularly pleased are the folks at beloved / slept on Seattle local chowder and fried clam chain Ivar’s Seafood, whose lease at the airport was not renewed. Ivar’s motto is “Keep Clam”, but the brand has kept anything but clam over getting shucked from the airport. They’ve started a protest website and petition to keep Ivar’s at SeaTac, and their Twitter account is popping off.

Clam drama aside, better coffee at airports rules.

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Top image via Port of Seattle. 

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