The 2015 World AeroPress Championship will take place this coming April in Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the World Barista Championship and SCAA Event. This much we know. What we don’t know is who will represent the tapestry of nations at this august exhibition. That’s because the national AeroPress championships are still very much a matter to be decided, in the form of individual events happening across a plurality of nations, all around the world, between now and the second week in April.

Up for grabs is a a return ticket to Seattle, courtesy of the World AeroPress Circuit and its benevolent sponsor cabal. Each country fights it out internally, until a final individual emissary emerges with the weight of a nation on their shoulders, ready to compete in the most serious and ruthless tourney of AeroPressing in the world.

Who will advance? Who will be felled? That’s a matter for history, friends. But now let’s gaze upon a new crop of national AeroPress competition posters together, with a mixture of envy, joy, and existentialist ennui. Because without the shared struggle inherent to the human condition, there would be no worlds left to conquer, and nary an Aero to Press.

The Netherlands


This poster for the Dutch AeroPress Championship is about the coolest thing we’ve seen out of Amsterdam since De Poezenboat. It goes to show you that with AeroPress posters, as with life, if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.

Learn more about the Dutch Aeropress Championship here.



There’s kind of a lot going on with this poster from Budapest, where the Hungarian AeroPress Championship goes down on the 21st of February. The AeroPress here appears to be some sort of exalted celebrity, or perhaps even a worshipped deity. A cup of coffee stands by beneath a bumbershoot, nonplussed. A bunch more coffee cups appear to be paparazzos of some sort. Will they stop at nothing to obtain another tawdry image of the Aero?

Learn more about the Hungarian AeroPress Championship here.



This Brazilian AeroPress poster is really something else, evoking the line drawn caricatures and wild, vibrant color of contemporary Brazilian artists like Rono Figueiredo and Menelaw Sete, gleefully depicting Brazilian film icon and national treasure Carmen Miranda. You could present this poster without text, or even context, and know that it was utterly, unmistakably Brazilian. Posters like this remind us of the wider cultural movement happening around these AeroPress competitions, in which modern coffee collides with art, culture, and national identity.

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Learn more about the Brazilian AeroPress Championship here.



Remember when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were cruising through Tatooine, minding their own business, when they got held up for a little intergalactic stop and frisk by a couple of nosy Stormtroopers? And then Obi-Wan used an old Jedi mind trick to convince those Stormtroopers (who we later learn are clones, or something) to chill out? And it totally worked? That was awesome.

Learn more about the Singapore AeroPress Championship here.

Czech Republic


We really like this Czech AeroPress Championship poster, even if it’s not totally clear what’s going on. Is this AeroPress drifting in on a bed of clouds? Or is it emerging, Chong-like, from a great cloud of smoke? Has this AeroPress ascended to one of the Mario bonus levels? Will it fuse with the clouds to become like a coffee brewing Lakitu? So many questions.

Learn more about the Czech AeroPress Championship here.



Minimalist Russian AeroPress bear is mighty. Minimalist Russian AeroPress bear does not mess around, especially when it comes to Pressing Aeros.

Learn more about the Russian AeroPress Championship here.



Now we’re talking! A rough & ready dominitrix Angela Merkel is ready to whip your AeroPress dreams into shape, on what the Germans have decided to call “JUDGEMENT DAY”. It’s just all so dire and severe and perverse. Not nearly enough open mockery of political figures makes its way into coffee event art, so bravo, Germany, for letting your freak flag fly.

Learn more about the German AeroPress Championship here.



Water color AeroPress battalions are descending over Danish skies. Take cover at the Coffee Collective’s Godthabsvej shop, as plastic invaders (or is that meatballs?) fall all around you.

Learn more about the Danish AeroPress Championship here.

New Zealand


Last but my goodness, not least, is this stark conceptual rendering of New Zealand in the AeroPress grill, presented in black, white, and red. Kiwi coffee design leads the world right now and their AeroPress poster is no exception.

Learn more about the New Zealand AeroPress Championship here.

Discover much more AeroPress poster goodness via the official World AeroPress Championship website. is proudly sponsored by Aerobie, makers of the AeroPress.

Those WAC chaps though, well, let’s just say we keep our distance.

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