Awful Waffle: Florida Burners In Waffle House Mug ...

Awful Waffle: Florida Burners In Waffle House Mug Heist

There’s a silver lining in every dark rain cloud, or so they say, and while we don’t condone violence or theft, this is perhaps the greatest single headline of all time: “Woman Pours Coffee Over Woman’s Head, Hands Back Cup, Punches Her.”

The scene is as follows: Two not particularly nice Waffle House customers in Niceville, Florida, attempted to walk away from their smothered-n-covered’s with purloined WH mugs. This is basically the only thing you aren’t allowed to do in a Waffle House. When a good samaritan tried to stop them, the undisclosed victim got mugged…literally! From the article:

The incident occurred at the Waffle House on John Sims Parkway on Aug. 8.

According to a Niceville Police Department incident report, a man and woman were leaving the restaurant and took their coffee mugs with them.

They were intercepted by another woman (the report did not indicate if she were a Waffle House employee), who confronted them about the coffee mugs.

The man poured out his coffee on the ground and handed her the cup.

The woman poured coffee over the victim. The victim took the mug from her and turned around to go back into the restaurant. The woman then punched her in the back.

Perhaps an all-time low for the human race, or just another day at the Waffle House? Either way…



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