Rhode Island, USA – Artpresso Design LLC has announced the launch of a new line of specialty cleaning tools designed specifically for use on espresso machines. Created by Steven Monti, a product designer and co-founder of the company, these three reimagined espresso machine cleaning tools have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from industry leaders. The Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool, Drip Tray Cleaning Tool and Group Head Cleaning Tool are now available for purchase online at ArtpressoDesign.com.

“Espresso machines can create delicious coffee, but they aren’t always the easiest to keep clean. The steam wand, drain tray and group head need to be properly maintained while preparing every cup of coffee,” said Monti. Our goal was to simplify this process by creating specific tools for each task that are both effective and easy to use. We believe we have achieved this with these new tools.”

“We designed our new line of espresso machine cleaning tools precisely to address the problems baristas have when cleaning. We found that most baristas, café owners and home users dislike their current options for cleaning because it involves handling wet dirty towels around heated espresso machines. During our research phase, we discussed the cleaning challenges that espresso machine users faced in order to define a problem set for solving.

We set out to design products that would lessen burns, be easier to use and more cost-effective. We then made sure they were also attractive and improved workflow.

Final prototypes were tested repeatedly by experienced specialty coffee professionals throughout the final development phase, who gave input into each tool’s effectiveness, ease of use and long-term durability.”

“The result is a system of cleaning products that enable baristas to safely and easily maintain an espresso machine. These products clean faster with less effort, minimize cross contamination and reduce towel usage – but also improves workflow and the appearance of an espresso bar setup.”

Artpresso’s new line of Espresso Machine Cleaning products include:


This is the first product to make cleaning and working with the steam wand faster, easier, and more efficient. It is easy to grip, and with a squeeze and a few swipes, the steam wand is clean and ready to use again. It features a thick interchangeable microfiber pad and flexible heat resistant exterior. The best part of this cleaning tool is that it saves you time and effort. You can quickly clean your steam wand and get right back to steaming milk – and keep your hands dry and safe from the heat of the wet towel and stainless-steel wand.

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This tool is designed to fit all steam wands and includes three pads that are easy to clean and replace. Simply wash the microfiber pad by hand or in a washing machine using cold water and mild detergent after each use. The flexible exterior is cleaned with warm soapy water or a mild cleaner solution.

An optional stone platform is also available to place the Steam Wand Cleaning Tool on.

Steam Wand Cleaning Tool with three pads. Retail price: $29.00
Steam Wand Cleaning Tool Replacement Pad Set of three. Retail price: $5.00
Small Cleaning Tool Platform. Retail price: $6.00


This cleaning tool, which was designed to eliminate the need for using towels as a drain tray cleaner and thereby improve functionality, is the first of its kind. The device has a thick, absorbent microfiber pad that traps espresso drips and water. Its comfortable contoured handle makes it easy to grip and maneuver. The cleaning tool is made from quality materials and built to last. And because it’s so easy to use, you’ll find yourself reaching for this handy product again and again – and avoid the hassle of using towels. The cleaning tool is designed to be used on any espresso machine. It’s also compatible with all other standard drip trays and can be used as a standalone product for countertops. The microfiber pad can be gently washed with soapy water or placed in the washing machine. So, you can clean it quickly and easily after each use.

The Artpresso Drain Tray Cleaning Tool comes with three drip pads. An optional accessory is a stone platform that soaks up water like a sponge and requires little maintenance. The Drain Tray Cleaning Tool not only does a better job of keeping your machine clean, but also looks more attractive than an unattractive and dirty towel sitting on the tray or the counter.

Espresso Machine Drip Tray Cleaning Tool with three pads. Retail price: $19.00
Drain Tray Cleaning Tool Replacement Pad Set of three pads. Retail price $5.00
Large Cleaning Tool Platform. Retail price $8.00


The Group Head Cleaning Tool is a revolutionary new cleaning product that cleans your espresso machine group head more thoroughly than other existing products. Espresso Machine group heads are notoriously bothersome to clean, but this cleaning tool makes it easy and it is the perfect tool for anyone who owns a 58mm portafilter size espresso machine. It is the only all in one tool that cleans both the group head and screen simultaneously and has a built-in tool bit to easily remove the group head screen for deeper cleaning. This is a more straightforward process than other methods because it eliminates the need for separate tools and towels.

The top of the tool has a circular durable nylon brush, sized and shaped perfectly for the 58mm group head. In the center is a circular microfiber pad that cleans the group head screen surface. So, twisting this device into the group head, removes coffee grounds from both the espresso machine’s group gasket head and shower screen at once—and you can ensure a thorough cleaning by flipping the tool over, to use the integrated inspection mirror at its bottom so you can make sure that both the screen and gasket walls are spotless.

For a more thorough cleaning, users can unscrew the screen by accessing the slotted tool bit inside in the bottom of the Group Head Cleaning Tool. This is achieved by unscrew the top of this cleaning tool to uncover its shower screen removal section, then aligning this part of the tool into your espresso machine’s group head. A few turns will line up the tool bit perfectly with the bolt that is holding the screen in place.

Turn until the screen separates from the group head and falls gently onto the Group Head Cleaning tool bottom. Remove the screen for cleaning, after cleaning load the parts back onto the cleaning tool bottom and bring both back up to the group head to reinstall the clean shower screen and bolt. The slotted tool bit is interchangeable to accommodate other shower screen fasteners if needed.

This cleaning tool is made from high impact plastic. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand and makes it easy to use. The center microfiber pad is removable and can be hand or machined washed with mild detergent.

It should be noted that this product is designed to fit a standard 58mm group head. It will not fit the Breville Dual Boiler espresso machines.

Espresso Machine 58mm Group Head Cleaning Tool with three pads. Retail price: $25.00
Group Head Cleaning Tool Replacement Pad Set of three pads. Retail price: $4.00


cleaning tools by artpresso design15

The design process for the new espresso machine cleaning tools was collaborative involving coffee community experts, who provided design feedback, tested prototypes and helped ensure this system of cleaning tools met the high standards of some of the best baristas in the business.

We have built a solid reputation for creating quality products—and are seeking distributors who share our passion for helping people make great coffee. We are proud to offer our espresso machine cleaning tools to the Specialty Coffee community. We hope these products will help you increase workflow efficiency, and effectiveness in your business.” Steven Monti, Product Designer and co-owner of Artpresso Design.


After discovering their love for great coffee, husband and wife team, Steven and Jean Monti created Artpresso Design in 2016. They are passionate about coffee, design and helping the Specialty Coffee community grow. They believe that great coffee should be enjoyable to both drink and make – and have applied their creativity and talents toward developing products that fulfill this vision.

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