The Digitition is back! That’s right, the online event series from Glitter Cat returns for the DiGi2TiON (I would have called it The Digitition: 2 Fab 2 Furriest, but that’s just me), a sprawling three-round competition testing competitors’ palates, creativity, and endurance. And applications are available now!

Taking place between late November and late January 2022, the Digi2tion will really be putting participants, or Digi-Cats, through the wringer this year—albeit a completely free of charge wringer where participants will be provided with everything they need in order to compete, but a wringer nonetheless. For Round One, competitors will be tasked with identifying mystery Torani syrup flavors as well as matching roast curves with their correct coffees—from Atlas Coffee Importers, who will also be providing education to the Digi-Cats along the way.

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The 12 best will then move to Round Two in late December, where they will have to correctly triangulate a series of Cometeer coffee capsules as well as create fun and exiciting signature beverages using Cometeer capsules. This round will also feature a public voting component on the sig bevs to help decide who makes it to the Finals.

Digitition Winners
The winners of the 2020 Glitter Cat Digitition

Then it all comes down to the last six. In the Finals, the competitors will take on a “series of surprise challenges featuring Rancilio Silvia Pro espresso machines.” And when the dust settles, the winner will take home a trip to the famed La Palma y El Tucan coffee farm in Colombia “once it is safe to do so.”

Application for the 24 spots in the Digi2tion are open until Friday, November 5th, and can be made here. Like with all Gliter Cat competitions, the Digi2tion “is for coffee professionals and enthusiasts of all skill levels who hold marginalized identities in the United States” including but not limited to communities of color, LGBTQIAP+, neurodivergent, disabled, and persons of marginalized gender.” Glitter Cat has also put together a helpful applicant guide for those looking to put their best foot forward.

For more information, visit Glitter Cat’s official website.

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