Andrew Barnett Unloads On Restaurant Coffee

Andrew Barnett Unloads On Restaurant Coffee

One of the kindest folks in coffee, Andrew Barnett of Ecco Caffe, recently spoke to SF Weekly about what he feels is the current state of restaurant coffee:

Restaurants aren’t held accountable for their coffee by critics in the same way as a weak link like a wine program or service. Coffee is the last thing you taste at a restaurant, and there’s some really nice restaurants serving really bad coffee. If they served bread that was as stale tasting as their coffee they’d be taken out to the woodshed by a critic.

I get it. No one wants to spend the time cleaning the machines and back flushing, or, if the shots not pulled right, pulling it over and over again. They just want to get it out to the customer quickly. Honestly I’m surprised that more places don’t just stay away from espresso. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of espresso, and I would want nothing more than for a restaurant to do great espresso, but so often I think it just becomes an afterthought.

Why is this? It’s a question our industry has been asking for years, but we do feel the duty to point out: a great many restaurants have made vast leaps forward in their coffee service over the last year or so. This does not just include the high-flying Strand-approved 11 Madison Park, or our own gushed-over Canlis – there’s plenty of joints in LA, Atlanta, Chicago and Portland doing exemplary restaurant coffee. Andrew’s comments are nothing new – this conversation has been had over and over in the industry for years – and we’re glad it’s out there in the SF Weekly, but we wish he’d pointed out some prevailing exceptions to his otherwise prescient critique.

We’ll be focusing a lot more on restaurant coffee in 2012, because restaurants that make great coffee should get as much love as possible.

Read the entire interview over here.



  1. Though this holds true for the most part…it is not the case across the board. Our coffee is carried and well prepared at quite a few fine dining establishments. Manresa, Sent Sovi, Parcel 104 and Wexlers.

  2. Christos Andrews

    30 November

    Restaurants can quite easily make delicious brewed coffee by the cup, and not spend a fortune on equipment and intense training (ie Clever dripper, French press).
    Restaurants rarely have staff with the skills/dedication to make quality espresso drinks. And their equipment is almost certainly not well maintained.
    IE, most nice restaurants should do awesome brewed coffee and just stay away from espresso unless you are in the handful of places with excellent espresso programs. I think once people know that brewing great coffee in your bistro is not as difficult and pricey as they think, it will latch on more.
    And customers will absolutely love pairing a well-brewed single origin coffee with their dessert.
    I promise.

  3. Andrew Barnett

    29 November



    Llewellyn –


    Thanks for rolling out
    the vintage Honda snap shot. The wily prankster Tonx deserves full credit for
    dredging up this dusty relic and posting it on FB.


    We’re in agreement
    that many restaurants “have made leaps forward in their coffee service over the
    last year or so.” Hopefully, restaurant critics will start giving these spots
    the kind of recognition they deserve. 
    One person who does this is Oliver Strand.  His column in the New York Times (Ristretto blog) doesn’t
    review restaurants per se, but regularly gives restaurant coffee shout outs. I’m
    optimistic that more and more we’ll start seeing coffee given the recognition
    it deserves in restaurant reviews.

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