An Empty Chair: Jason Dominy Out At BGA

An Empty Chair: Jason Dominy Out At BGA

After five years, Jason Dominy is resigning from his position as chair of the Executive Council the Barista Guild of America. Jason posted a lengthy explanation over at his blog, and has been up to some exciting things at Batdorf and Bronson over the last year, selling over six hundred Coffee 101 Roastery Tours via Groupon and Scoutmob. He’s also busying himself with “Coffee Ambushes” at various spots in Atlanta (Adult Swim HQ, Fox Theater, Coca-Cola to name a few). The BGA Blog published a post thanking Jason for all of his work:

Jason has spearheaded our focus on larger member engagement, continuing to build the barista community nationwide. After nearly a year of serving as Chair, Jason has resigned his position to focus on his family and position at Batdorf & Bronson.

The membership and the Executive Council will miss Jason’s leadership and dedication. His enthusiasm and passion have driven his advocacy for the guild, and for the barista profession. This enthusiasm has been especially apparent in his efforts like the “5 Questions” articles, and organizing Manual Brew Downs.

With the help of Jason Dominy, the Barista Guild of America has achieved much over the last five years, including a comprehensive healthcare option for members, increased education opportunities, and the now annual BGA training camp retreat. It’s a body of work that Jason and everyone at the BGA should be proud of.

We here at would like to give Jason Dominy a big old virtual bear hug. Thanks for five years of service and we look forward to all of the great things you have in store for Atlanta and Batdorf & Bronson.



  1. Frith

    20 December

    Can’t wait to see where Jason takes it next!  Big hug to you, big guy.  Hope things are better than ever.

    You’re already good at this, but I feel I need to say it anyway: ignore the Negative Nancys of the Internet.  It’s easy to type negative thoughts on blogs and forums – there’s no risk involved.  A first name, no link and a bunch of hatin’.  Before the internet, I think these people were called “Armchair Intellectuals” or something like that.

    I enjoyed the time we spent working together at B&B – and of course we had disagreements, got on each others’ nerves, etc., but the net result is a stronger understanding of one another, coffee, and the greater community we’re trying to better serve.  Anyone who has met him in person can attest to the genuine warmth this guy exudes.  How can you hate on the King of Stoke?

    • jasondominy

      23 December

      Thanks Will the Thrill. Appreciate the comments man. Genuinely miss ya.

  2. david buehrer

    16 December

    don’t think twice about “jay”‘s comment, that is just one voice.  There are hundreds of BGA members who support Jason Dominy and the decision he made to not affect the leadership’s goals.  Dan will do a great job and fill in accordingly, all will be well, and Jason is just as amazing as the day he decided to help develop the Barista community as a whole.

  3. jay

    16 December

    Why is this guy getting a tribute on when he quit his volunteer job? As a Barista Guild member, I’m unhappy and angry. Jason has now marked himself as a quitter. He had the same job when he started his position. He could have asked the other executive council people for help, or to take on more of the work, but he apparently didn’t. Instead, he quit. 

    Future employers are now forewarned. And Jason will never be elected to any industry position in the future. Who wants a quitter?

    • Joe Marrocco

      16 December

      Unnecessary, and untrue. Jason may have the same job at the same company, but the company is dynamic; growing, changing, re-inventing and moving forward. Jason’s work load has increased drastically. There is no shame in throwing in the towel when you feel as though important areas of your life are being squeezed. 

      Family -> Career -> Volunteer Projects. This is the order of importance. if the two most important areas of your life are being negatively affected by a volunteer position, and the organization is being neglected due to your career and life, you have to make some tough decisions. 

      But my main point, besides defending Jason, (who is a good man, a gentleman and has more heart for this industry than just about anyone I know,) is that it takes a lot more character to quit something that has prestige, pride and clout tide to it than it does to put someone down on a public forum frequented by professional peers while pushing for someone’s career to end. 

      I think if you were to ask Batdorf and Bronson if Jason is a quitter, or his wife, I think their interpretations would be different from yours. Did he quit? Yes. Was it a good thing for both he and the organization? Yes. Will he be missed? Yes. But only as the Chair, because he is still very much involved in the community.

      I don’t think it is Jason’s hire-ability that is in question, Jay.

      • Sprudge

        16 December

        hear hear mr. marrocco, could not have said it better ourselves.


      • jay

        16 December

        Don’t care if he does a great or a shit job at his company. That’s not the point. He didn’t have to quit. I don’t know the dude that well, but mostly from his blog and what I see the dude post on the webs, homeboy is a whiner. A lot of self-pity. I’m sure he’s a totally nice guy. But dude. 

        @Jason: I did read your blog post. You quit, and wrote that you’re not a quitter. Sorry, but you’re a quitter dude. The BGA elected you, and after a half year you quit. IIRC, nobody has ever quit like that before. Whatever your reasoning was, you made the choice to quit instead of honoring your commitment to the BGA membership. Your choices have consequences, and I’ve had a lot of conversations this week with people who are annoyed at you and the BGA leadership. Sorry, but gotta be honest with you.

      • Preston

        16 December

        jason and april have worked tirelessly for the bga for five fucking years, dude. it’s simply a sound decision made for very important reasons.

        don’t be such a little shit.

      • jasondominy

        16 December

        Thanks for your thoughts. Let me clarify one thing: The reason why I quit, is because an increase workload at my paying job this past year has had me busier than I could be to be as effective in my volunteer role as I needed to be for the membership as a whole. So, my passing it on to Dan Streetman, himself highly skilled and qualified to take over and with more time to be more effective at the volunteer position of Chair, is for the betterment of the BGA as a whole. It did me no service to remain in the position and do a half-ass job, or continue to make my paying job and family suffer. Do you get that?? Sorry, but I gotta be honest with you.

      • Andrew Tucker-MacLeod

        16 December

        Here’s a man who stands by his beliefs on his blog; takes a hard look at the work he is paid for, and the work he VOLUNTEERS to do and says: I can’t do it all, if I am to be true to my beliefs. This is the mark of a passionate and honorable man. He uses his full name, publishes posts about his work and his play and never lets the stress of his life color his posts in a way that negatively impacts how he (or the company that employs him) is viewed by the larger community. I’ve never met the man in person either, but I’ll stand by any honorable man who takes pride in his work, his life and his faith without sacrificing his integrity or quality of work. For a person who’s not willing to be as up-front as Jason about their work, diligence or name, shame on you. Here’s mine:
        Andrew Tucker-MacLeod
        Manager, One World Cafe
        Moscow ID 83843

    • jasondominy

      16 December

      Wow. That’s all I’ll say. It’s obvious we view priorities differently, and it’s also obvious you did not read my blogpost about the subject. You are welcome to ask Batdorf & Bronson about my work, skills, and ethic. Although I think it’s visible enough.

  4. jasondominy

    16 December

    Thank you guys so much. Please accept my big ol’ virtual bear hug back.

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