Welcome to a special post on Sprudge, featuring many of the angry messages that were sent to us in the days since publishing our feature on Matt Watson, the Bitter Barista. We’ve decided to address some misconceptions about our original feature in a separate post.

We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Sprudge and its editors are on the record unless otherwise specified. And now, in the spirit of’s Manti Te’o fallout, here are your letters.




Name: Dafuk


Message: Fuck y’all.  In the ass.

Name: Vermont Fair Trade

Email: *redacted*

In a failed attempt to supply a witty and tasteful comment on your website I will just say this… Suck it. Bitter Barista is hilarious and it’s anonymity was part of its allure. I will continue to follow Matt Watson and I hope to God that he does not stop making us laugh. So yeah, F off Sprudge. I only came here to slander your name.

Name: Don

Email: *redacted*

Message: I think you did yourself a great diservice, ‘outing’ the bitter barista.  The only person shamed in this experience is you.  Now the whole world knows exactly how worthless you are and what a terrible person you are.  Your pathetic dishonesty will be remembered long after the Bitter Barista has gone on to do great things.  You will never be more than a waste of life.

Name: eatmyshit


Message: You guys are assholes. How dare you rat that barista out. Fuck you guys, I hope everyone responsible burns in hell. You owe him and the company that fired him an apology. You cost him a job and gave his former employer a bunch of bad press. Again, fuck you. Burn in hell.

Name: Discord
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Email: *redacted*

Message: You losers!  Outing the Bitter Barista?  What on earth makes you think you have the right to do this?  And who does it serve other than your own bloated self-opinion?

Name: Raven

Email: *redacted*

Message: You guys are a bunch of turdy assholes for getting that guy Matt Watson in Washington fired. I hope you feel all self-righteous now.

Name: barista2

Email: *redacted*

Message: Fuck you guys..

Name: Haywood Jablowme


Message: Fuck you sprudge. outing a blogger…hope your business fails miserably.

Name: Brad A

Email: *redacted*

Message: Just read an article about how you revealed the identity of Matt Watson because there was a lot of  “anger in his blog.” That wasn’t your business to do. It’s a very weak and immature move on your part. Any time your site comes up in discussion I will mention that you are a bunch of gutless tattle tales with no value to add of your own. Just wanted to let you know I think your business sucks and if you killed yourselves no one would care. Thanks.

Name: Rob

Email: *redacted, but was from a real email account*

Message: I hope someone murders the owners of this site and torches their homes with their families inside asleep…

Name: Crystal Kolba

Email: *redacted*

Message: So love coffee when I can tolerate it and love to hear of new innovative ideas…however…I will not be reading looking upon your website no longer with the fact that you got a man fired for adding comedy to coffee. You guys have so much time on your hands that you investigated a minimum wage worker who was using his right to freedom of speech. I have a lot of family members who are coffee drinkers and read your website who will no longer be reading your site. I will also be collecting letters that reflect our discontent from family and friends and be distributing them to your Paid advertisers. You see how this works is when you have customers who show there discontent with a business to there advertisers that can negatively effect it…as you affected that man which cost him his reflected him in a negative light because you couldn’t just let him blog. You crossed the line by exposing him which ended his employment. So since you decided to act in such a negative manner which had a negative impact on a person; I and others will be following suit. Imagine if all your readers started contacting your paid advertisers and letting them know they are no longer readers…why would an advertiser want to pay you to advertise when you are losing customers…I hope you understand now…Good luck because you are going to need it.

Name: The Dude

Email: *redacted*

Message: Telling on the bitter barrista! How childish and immature. Your like that little tattletale from grade school.

Name: Crystal Schue

Email: *redacted*

Message: You guys are lame.  What was the purpose of outing the Bitter Barista, knowing he’d probably lose his job?  To stick it to him?  Because you didn\’t approve of his cynicism?  Because loving coffee means being a complete and total bore? Not your job to police the internet.  And certainly not your job to decide what’s appropriate entertainment.  And from a barista of ten years?  C’mon!  Like you’ve never thought any number of those things in your head on a daily basis.



Crystal Schue

Former barista in another one of Seattle’s cafes.

Name: Florencia Arrechea

Email: *redacted*

Message: I just wanted to share the disappointment in your recent actions. The reason why you outed Bitter Barista is as bleak as old espresso. It was not up to you nor your duty to out somebody just because you think it “misrepresent” the coffee world. As an ex-Barista I can tell you that his comments were humorous and poignant; albeit not politically correct from your point of view. Your stand in all this is facetious and I am glad to see that even though you cost somebody’s job and you show an amazing lack of remorse, his website will remain. I have never looked at this website, but I will be sure to post around your lack of conscience and ethics. Cheers.

Name: 1sst Ammendment


I see you write about “schmucks of the week”…I nominate you LLEWELLYN SINCLAIR for schmuck of the year. You are a disgrace. You took great pride in outing this anonymous blogger who did nothing but blow off steam in a constructive and creative way. The funny thing is that you stand behind psuedo-anonymity. You are a disgrace. Was it worth it now that you have to edit your blog and include that a valid email must be used due to death threats? I can’t find any of your work anywhere else so keep thinking you are some big shot reporter who is popular, but in reality you are a hack and a never-was. If you got paid from sprudge for this, the company should be ashamed of themselves.

Working Class Zero

Email: *redacted*

Congrats on getting someone fired for no reason

Wiggity Wack


FUK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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