We’ve walked you through some of our favorite roaster booths at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, given you an in-depth look at an exclusive (and expensive!) cupping, and offered up a world-first look at the new Slayer one group that debuted at MICE. But still, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There was SO MUCH happening at MICE 2013, and the show floor truly was a carnival of special moments, special people, and mind-boggling amounts of hustle and / or bustle.

It was the sort of show floor where Ric Rhinehart (SCAA Director), Anastasia Chovan (Barista Nation founder / UNIC-USA marketing director), Scottie Callaghan (two-time Australian barista champion), and an unnamed mime could gather together for a casual game of hoops. Feast your eyes. Nothing but net!

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