We’re seeing this new line of Hardmill Rugged Aprons in nattily appointed specialty coffee houses across the United States, and for good reason! Nice aprons have been tres chic in high-end coffee for sometime, but these Hardmill numbers are made to last in Seattle, Washington by a team that prides itself on meticulous manufacturing and quality materials. They are gorgeous and practical (as far as aprons go), plus there’s a lot of options to choose from.

So enamored are we with the Hardmill Rugged Apron, that we undertook an exclusive apron photo shoot of our own volition, soliciting the help of some equivalently rugged menfolk to model our favorites from the Hardmill line. The models on Hardmill’s website were a little…frail looking. It’s best to pair a butch apron with a butch fella, and we think you’ll agree.


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Our first model Jack shows off the “Tobacco Canvas” apron ($220).


Handsome hulking Hank dons the rugged apron in Waxed Canvas ($235). It has a utility ring for a hand towel (they all do!), so you’ll always be ready to clean up a mess.


Black Selvage Denim looks great on Buck ($220).


Lastly (but not leastly) we have Ricky, working the canvas/denim number in Grey Indigo ($220).

Hardmill Aprons are available online and at E. Smith Mercantile in Seattle, Washington.

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