Marco Beverage Systems—the Dublin-based makers of the MIX, SP9, and Über Boiler—are hitting the road this summer for a few special global engagements, and they have just announced the first event, taking place in merry olde London. Called Marco Meets (I would have called it the Marco MIXer, but whatever, I’m sure there was just a Marco MIX-up in Marco-ting), the event series “aims to connect local baristas and tea/coffee professionals with well-known figures from the specialty tea and coffee industries.”

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For the first event, Marco has teamed up with the UK’s Has Bean Coffee to “share their advice, insights and predictions,” per the press release. Taking place May 17th at The Gentlemen Baristas, this first Marco Meets will feature a talk from Sonali Tailor, an Authorized SCA Trainer, UK coffee competition judge and competitor, and Has Bean’s field trainer who will offer her experiences and advice on how to make a successful career in coffee.

Marco Meets London will also include a panel discussion featuring Taylor, free food and drinks, brewing demonstrations, and a variety of Has Bean coffees brewed on the Marco SP9.

The event is free to attend but do require an RSVP, which can be done here. For more information, visit Marco’s official website.

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*top image via Marco

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