Coffee. Cocktails. Competition. These three concepts are oft-invoked, yet rarely paired in an accessible and contemporary way. That’s all changing this coming March at the 2017 Amsterdam Coffee Festival, where our partners at Allegra Events will launch Coffee Mixologists, “a brand new competition that fuses the obsessive attention to detail of the world of coffee with the boundless creativity of the cocktail scene.”

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It’s a battle of cocktailing verve and coffee spirit the likes of which the world has never seen, from the events team that brought you Coffee Masters at the London and New York Coffee Festivals. There’s a cool €1,000 cash prize on the table for the winner, plus a trip to the 2017 London Coffee Festival.


The competition format calls for teams of two—a coffee expert and a cocktailer, or two hybrid professionals, or one super-mensch and a second pair of helping hands—who together will craft an unforgettable signature drink video as part of the selection process. The chosen duos will then have to recreate that drink live on stage in Amsterdam, before being asked to complete a series of secret ingredient challenges and on-the-fly beverage creations before a raucous festival crowd.

Complete event details are available here via the official Amsterdam Coffee Festival website. Coffee Mixologists at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival is sponsored by San Remo, Tia Maria, and Lot Sixty One. Submissions for entry are due January 31st, 2017 and are open to applicants worldwide. Go forth, ye strainers, ye shakers, and get filming!

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