French pastry chef and certified célèbre dans le monde Dominique Ansel wowed the world in 2013 with his signature donut/croissant hybrid, the cronut. Monsieur Ansel has followed up the cronut with something even more inspired and #deloshes sounding: the chocolate chip cookie cup. It’s an edible drinking cup, unveiled earlier this month on InstagramAnsel is serving up some Willy Wonka realness, and the food word is gagging, throwing shade, and basically admitting that these cookie cups are everything.

It’s only a matter of time before fine coffee bars worldwide get in on the burgeoning cookie cup trend. Can you picture it? Cookie cup cappuccinos, honey. Let us take you there. We think it’s an idea whose time has come, and here’s six reasons why:

6. No dishes “for here.”


Baristas and cafe owners would no longer need to worry about overflowing bus tubs, because the dishes would be entirely edible. Imagine a world with flat cookie saucers, a cookie demitasse spoon, and a cookie cup. Staff could increase productivity with fewer, and customers would save valuable snacking time.

5. Take Babycinos to the next level.


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You think little Mildred or young Barnaby loves babycinos now? Just wait until all of that action takes place in a cookie cup. Next level.

4. Less waste on cups “to go.”


Think green! All of the waste from paper cups would be gone if to-go drinks were served in a cookie. All dishes would be 100% compostable (and digestible).

3. The flavor pairing possibilities are endless.


Shops can bake different flavors of cookie cup to pair with different kinds of coffees. Just imagine it: a white chocolate & lime macadamia nut crunch paired up with a zesty, high acidity washed coffee from Latin America? Snickerdoodle Yirgacheffe? Classic all-American Toll House delights with a shot of cookie-ookie Hairbender? And just think what you could do with the Girl Scout oeuvre.

2. Flights of cookie coffees? Yes.


We love flights. But a cookie cup coffee flight? We’re speechless.

1. #Deloshes.


The number one reason why cafes should serve coffee in Dominique Ansel’s Cookie Cup is because it’s hash-tag deloshes. This concept is fun, zany, and pretty much perfect, and if we’re not seeing it in cafes soon, we at least expect it to be attempted by some enterprising barista competitor. We can just see it now:

“Judges, please swirl your espresso, finish the shot in two sips, and then immediately eat your cup. Bussers, I’d like to instruct you to sweep up the crumbs.”

Images of the cookie cup were lovingly smurfed from this step by step guide to baking your own.


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