The bright minds at Gimme! Coffee in New York got together and found perfect pairings for their coffees and different varieties of Indian Creek Farm apples. From the Gimme! Blog, coffee trainer and barista competitor Liz Clark writes, “Both coffees and apples are simple and complex, we looked at acidity, taste, sweetness and physical sensations, such as a juicy apple made you thirsty for a juicier drink, to mix and match them.”

What’s a Margil?

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According to Vintage Virginia Apples, the Margil apple “is also called Fail-Me-Never, Neverfail, Small Ribston, and Reinette Musquee. In appearance, it is like a small Ribston Pippin. It was cultivated as early as 1750, and is possibly of French origin. This small, highly-flavored apple is still regarded by connoisseurs as among the best of all dessert apples.” Gimme! paired this apple with their Guatemala Chajulense brewed through a Clever Dripper. How did the pairing fair?

As we were tasting the Margil a very specific flavor description came up, that had also been brought up a couple days before in a lab, fresh pumpkin guts. The timing with Halloween may have swayed us toward this description but once we tasted fresh cut pumpkin in the Margil we had to check our cupping notes to see which coffee summoned the same response. The pumpkin-pear, caramel and popcorn (seriously) finish in the Margil made us want a coffee you would hold in a mug to warm up your hands and the tip of your nose while taking comforting sips with the changing leaves.


“Seedy friends” (Gimme!)

During the exercise the Gimme! crew paired five other apples with coffees – what apple variety did they pair with their Leftist espresso? What coffee did they pair with the Suntan? The Roxbury? The Spitzenburg? Ashmead Kernel? And is the Northern Spy an apple or a coffee blend? Or both? Find out, only on the Gimme! Coffee blog.

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