5 Sure Signs Your Barista Has A Crush On You

5 Sure Signs Your Barista Has A Crush On You



Sure, you go in for your double latte every morning, just like anyone else, but recently something feels a little…different. You have an inkling, a suspicion really, that your barista might be crushing on you – but are they? Here are five sure-fire signs that your barista has given you “crushtomer” status.

5. They’re pouring hearts just for you.

Hearts are kind of old hat in the specialty coffee world, but take notice. Is your barista pouring eight tiered tulips for everyone else? Rosettas? Are they reserving the heart just for you?

4. Every time you go in, the barista starts playing 69 Love Songs.

Nothing says “I’m totes crushing on you” quite like the songbook of Stephin Merritt. Anything by The 6ths or Future Bible Heroes also applies, as does the first Gothic Archies album. Does it seem like “Parades Go By” or “The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing” are playing every time you walk in? It’s a sign.

3. They leave you a special message on your cup.

Are they spending a little extra time writing you a special something on your cup? Maybe they’re just being a sweetheart – or maybe it means they’re totes crushing on you.

2. The barista keeps inviting you to the afternoon coffee cupping.

What’s more romantic than a public coffee cupping? The awkward slurps, the spoon charades, and ever so many delightful romantic misunderstandings? If they’re asking you to cup with them tonight, perhaps you should.

1. They won’t stop winking.


Okay, maybe it’s citric acid in their eye. Or is it?




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