Venezia, 5 February 2024 Mazzer proudly announces the new partnership with Jack Simpson, the 2023 Australian Barista Champion, as he joins the Mazzer Racing Team as new brand ambassador. With his victory in Australia and a remarkable third-place finish in the World Barista Championship in Athens last June, Jack Simpson embodies Mazzer’s commitment to innovation and passion for technology.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Mazzer, it’s the first coffee grinder I ever used, so I feel like I have a special connection. For me, Mazzer has always been a benchmark for specialty coffee grinders, providing ease of use and an unmatched flavour profile,” Simpson shared.

Working in the coffee industry since his early twenties, Simpson sees competitions as a platform to explore coffee from different perspectives. Introducing new ideas and techniques on the stage he aims to push the industry forward and inspire the next generation of baristas. A perfect match for Mazzer, a brand at the forefront of grinding technology since 1948.

Based in Venice, Italy, Mazzer has consistently been a trendsetter in the design and manufacturing of high- quality coffee grinders and burrs. Family company with a commitment to innovation and a rich heritage in the coffee industry, Mazzer remains the go-to preference for the finest and busiest coffee shops worldwide.

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